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Cannot find the AMA thread, so…

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Cannot find the AMA thread, so...

…just going to list my AMA q's here. Please rip them off and ask them in the right channel if this is not it. My format will be question (Q), then irate rant (R) related to the question, because art imitates life.

1Q: Why not stop the arbitrary shortage / "limited time only" cash shop nonsense and just let us spend freely?

1R: Continue rotating specials, but just have everything available always for money since a lack of revenue is what drove the restructuring decision in the first place. Whales gonna whale. "Limited time" exclusive sales which are removed from the store completely after a certain time do not drive demand for that one week, they just irritate the hell out of cyclical players who take breaks and miss all relevant news because few gaming outlets without a Blizzard-only slant actually report HotS info regularly, or at all. Before this week, I have not launched the Blizzard launcher for about six months due to lack of compelling reason, and none of the non-Blizzard-only gaming sites which I skim daily even mention HotS unless it ties into some other more-successful game's crossover (WoW, OW). I am specifically referring to the Acropolis event in March which I missed out on because I was unaware that it was a thing that I would have reinstalled for, which is at least somewhat infuriating since cyberpunk has kind of been my thing for a couple of decades now (my design philosophy to anything is that slapping on cyberpunk tropes immediately makes any content 1000% better (this is not up for discussion)). I would buy full price EVERY item from that "special" if it were an option today knowing that I will take a break from this game in the future again, and since I just returned this week, I have learned from players that this will probably never return: "Too niche" in March, "too derivative" in June, apparently. New players and returning players would probably love the option of splurging upon seeing a complete market, is what I am saying since $$$ pushes your rationale as devs these days. Come get this sweet microtransaction money. Hell, I would buy that Lunar New Year / spring festival backdrop with the lanterns from a few years ago as a permanent in-game wallpaper, given the option.

2Q: Tassadar??

2R: When I stopped playing around this time last year, Trashadar was exactly the same as he is today, and then the previous year, made comp-dependent ever since his first rework which broke him from the elusive lightning alien wizard of open beta into a neutered death sentence for your team unless your team builds around being hindered with him (which I have never seen happen in unranked or plat ranked since plat- tends to be the "yolo emfh" non-pro majority unless you specifically co-ordinate as a group before queuing). Since open beta playing on and off I have seen frivolous "reworks" including outright undermining original hero design philosophy and fixing heroes who were functionally great to begin with, a map getting removed altogether, some turd polishing for other maps without substantial additions, ranked system changes, like twelve different directors for this game, the ever-changing fotm, the NA meta copying the Asia meta six months later every time the meta changes in Asia, huge investment into esports, a subsequent huge divestment from esports, and yet Trashadar was forgotten forever after the first "eh we'll fix it in post" approach taken to him so long ago. Fix him so that I am not able to call him Trashadar any longer; even a reversion to his launch design would be an upgrade from where he is now. With the power arms race that is your design philosophy, he just does not hold up against other heroes who can do what he does, but better. Vikings has faced similar marginalisation when each dwarf can be nuked by most heroes now before the TLV player can react.

3Q: Why not unify purchases between markets / accounts?

3R: I play both Asia and North America servers, and I would like unity of the two regions purchase- and progress-wise. It is entirely arbitrary that buying things with real money unlocks a few but not all items on all regions, while meta-game promos sometimes apply to all regions even if you never completed the region's requirement within the same region (i.e. Diablo season 4 or whatever, win 100 Hearthstone matches, etc) while some others (Facebook spider, friendship vulture, etc) only apply within one region and require gaming the system to get in other regions. There is no consistency standard here!

4Q: PvE or story?


4R: It seems like you have people on the team who want to put a story into this game even though Uther himself says in the tutorial that it is probably best not to overthink the existence of this game. I would enjoy a hero-driven solo campaign where hero x does y missions involving base building and using their kit to approach interesting maps and dilemmas not balanced for PvP, with more of a focus than "destroy core." I guess that the raven god or something and Orphea can play major roles? Dark Nexus something something? My favourite time in HotS was that time where you made the the 5-man "fight the zerg" brawl map for that one week. Let's do more of that, including solo. Basically what Master X Master tried to do, but without all of the parts that made MxM fail. Yes, I understand that this would take a considerable amount of resources to achieve, but you can do it. I would not be mad at all if in the future the HotS which we know today is merely the optional multiplayer mode for a PvE-focused game. You already steal Starcraft 2 arcade ideas and forum inspiration, just keep running with it! If HotS cannot be the "best" at what it is in a genre that is no longer the fad, make it really good at a wide variety of things to get more asses into seats perpetually. The current versus AI is not PvE.

5Q: Why is it that every hero for the past few years is just a mix-and-match of other heroes?

5R: This new guy can do what this other hero does as Q, plus another hero's W, plus a third hero's E, plus this other guy's R, plus this other guy's other R, but since we always have to dial the next thing up more than what was there, this new guy can do all of it better until we nerf him, rinse repeat. I understand that you do not want to live in a world with multiple flavours of Abathur, but some of us like fun and variety more than "BIG BURST" or "eh just merge what's his face's skillshot with what's her face's target or something." Not one "fun" hero has been released since launch except Probius who has similar problems as Trashadar. Every single one has been with a specific generic mechanic in mind, be it more damage, more healing, getting punched in the face better, or "hybrid."

6Q: Performance-based MMR?

6R: Me me me me me, this whole PvP game should celebrate a player's successes as an individual since most people are not communicating in QM / UD to begin with, just here to push numbers and get MVP via merc camp x3 deaths x0 assists x8+ without doing anything that would get you a "trophy" to overwrite MVP and then default MVP to some other balanced player who did not do anything specific particularly well (clutch healer, trapper, etc). You guys claim that MVP means best player, so therefore if I skate my way into MVP, I am the best, and deserve MMR boost accordingly. Everyone else on the team be damned so long as I get my individual rewards for jumping through the right hoops.

7Q: How do you intend on educating players to do the "right" thing?

7R: The same mistakes made by players in open beta are still happening with experienced players in 2019, suggesting that some many players legitimately believe that laning 100% of the game is the only way to play many heroes, or that 2v5 while down two levels at an objective is something that you have to do 100% of the time because DEFEND, or that blah blah blah. I feel like there is not enough in place to educate players on how to play with and against other human players, and that there is certainly not enough in place to correct players who do objectively the "wrong" thing–three deaths from towers without any nearby enemy heroes or afk for 15 seconds should be enough to kick you, lock you out of that game, give you leaver status, auto-email you a report of why what you did was ruining the experience for everyone else, and require you to personally call a help desk and apologise for your behaviour before you are allowed outside of versus AI again. Second offence should be doxxing to your employer and family.

8R, no Q: Hire a guy to sit in /1 and just silence people left and right as dialogue goes to hell and makes the community worse. Give that guy the ability to email the players why they are silenced from speaking in public. Second offence should be doxxing to your employer and family again.

9Q: Why this: "Ranked rewards are changing to discourage placing at the start of the season and then going AFK for three months."

9R: I should be expected to play forever to keep my glorious mediocre plat 3 instead of take healthy breaks when the magic subsides? It sounds more like "force people to play ranked instead of place, be happy, and go play another mode."

10Q: When will blocking someone adjust matchmaking so that someone blocked is only placed on your team as a last result after a minimum of two minutes of waiting in queue for two teams?

10R: I was away for about a year, and my "welcome back" was a game with someone on my team who was already on my blocked list from at least a year ago who this game decided to solo lane all game as Valeera, justifying why I blocked them in the first place. I see that nothing has changed in this regard in my absence.

I may add to this as I continue to play and drink.

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