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Cassia – winner of hearts – talent updates

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Cassia - winner of hearts - talent updates

Everything about Cassia represents pure strength and all of her abilities look so damn epic to me. Her inability to unleash this power upon her foes due to her low range and mobility since forever is really sad to me. I´d really like to see Cassia claim her rightful spot at the top of the ranged assassin list. So here are some buffs i thought of to enable her rise. I´d like to see her abilities and talents bring all the damage and her heroic choices single-target cc with low to medium damage to the table. Charged Strikes is one of her most iconic talents to me and nobody drafting Cassia should miss out on it imo. Also please don´t judge the ball lightning change to quickly ; ( .

Baseline: Attack Range increased to 5.

1: Charged Strikes – minor change: Activate to cause Basic Attacks against non-Structures to bounce to nearby enemy heroes for 8 seconds. Recharge charged strikes by dealing x amount of damage to blinded enemy heroes.

R1: Throw a Ball of Lightning onto a targeted enemy hero linking him with Cassia for 2 seconds. If the enemy hero moves too far away from Cassia this link is broken. If Cassia manages to stay in a certain range of the linked enemy he will get struck by lightning, stunning him for 1 second. Deals medium damage.

lvl1: (charged strikes removed)

Impale – moved from lvl7 Enemies below 60% health take 50% more damage from fend.


Plate of the Whale – new functionality:


Regenerate 5 health per second while Avoidance is active. Every 4th consecutive second that Avoidance is active heals Cassia for xxx.

lvl7: (impale, surge of light removed)

Javelin – new talent:

increase Cassia’s Basic Attack range by 1.

Thundergod’s Vigor – moved from lvl13

lvl13: (thundergod’s vigor removed)

Surge of Light – new functionality:

Moving a certain distance while Avoidance is active charges this ability (moving for around 5 seconds at 100% movement speed). Activate to deal damage to all enemies around Cassia.


Penetrate – minor change:

Every third hit of Fend against the same target deals bonus damage.


Infinite Lightning – adjusted functionality:

The link between Cassia and the target now remains over 6 seconds dealing damage, blinding the target for its duration and stunning it twice for 1 second (after 2nd and 5th second).

Titan’s Revenge – adjusted functionality:

Cassia’s Basic Attacks ignore armor. This effect is also applied to the non-primary targets hit while Charged Strikes is active. Charged Strikes now also increases Cassia´s Basic Attack damage by 30%.

Thanks for your time and don´t forget to never duel an amazon, guys!

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