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CCl Doomsday Compositions

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - CCl Doomsday Compositions

In CCl we´ve seen some partial/full team compositions which are really hard to deal with, and while they don´t mean that you auto-win they still give you a great edge over the opponent. Since I´ve already seen them being used in SL I thought some people might find this thread useful whether they want to use them or counter them. Also if I missed any comps you deem to be really inpactful feel free to add them in a similar fashion: ( maybe someone can name them more creatively)

  1. Entomb + Molten Flame combo
    How to use it: It´s pretty straightforward — Leoric looks for an entomb while Deathwing follows him from a respectable distance so he can immediately cast a Molten Flame as Leoric traps someone. Pre 20 there are some characters that can escape it if they do have their cooldowns like Maiev E, or Johanna´s jump. So pre 20 you most likely need to choose the target wisely, since even Molten Flame needs later talents to have that extra DPS. Post 20 with buried alive it´s more or less a guaranteed kill on anyone.
    How to counter it: It´s biggest known counter is Anduin, then Medivh. Also it´s great to have characters which are able to escape Entomb or zone the enemy team away for a while like Falstad with Gust or Hanzo with Dragonstrike. However it´s best to stop this comp from becoming real in draft, unless you have Anduin + other ways to deal with it. Poke might also help a little. If you don´t have Anduin available Uther is the second best alternative because of Divine shield.
    What does it synergise with: Stukov´s silence is a great addition to Entomb, basically making it Buried alive pre 20. Deckard might also provide great setup to it with either his CC or Stay Awhile and Listen. Falstad to both zone away the enemy from Entomb, and make the Entomb harder to escape. Johanna synergizes well with Deathwing, and also her Ult can help in setting up the Entomb. Hanzo can also either help set it up with Dragon Arrow or help finishing finishing the trapped heroes off with Dragonstrike.
    When is it great to pick: As far as the enemy team doesn´t have an Anduin I´d say you can go for it no matter the map.( Meaning you ban/pick Anduin preferably) You might want to pick the Leoric and Deathwing simultaneously so that either of them doesn´t get banned/picked. Both Leoric and Deathwing are versatile, they work both in the 4 man or as off lane, so picking them doesn´t limit your other options in draft by much.
  2. Dragon Arrow + Valkyrie combo
    How to use it: You mainly want to hit a squishy backliner with Dragon Arrow, while Cassia lurks nearby enough to pull then in with Valkyrie. It is actually really hard to pull of, it requires a lot of skill by the Hanzo player, but when it works it´s a nearly guaranteed kill. Also to note the Dragon arrow doesn´t need to be fired from a large distance, even the short travel stun duration should be enough. Catching a backliner off-guard is the hard part.
    How to counter it: Well my 5head logic says that you can´t have your squishy backliner caught if you don´t have one… But aside memeing: Cleanses – You´d preferably want to have the cleanses that give 1 sec unstoppable like Whitemane, Li Li, Uther, Rehgar has over the cleanses that only dispell the stun, because the latter doesn´t last long enough to nullify the Valkyrie followup. The best options are Uther and Whitemane, because even if you fail to apply the Cleanse in time with excellent burst healing you may have a chance to save the target of the combo. If your team survives the initial impact you´ll most likely win the teamfight following after. Medivh with portals and protect, or Anduin with his trait are great options too.
    Another option would be to draft a team that has easy time engaging and good chase, so you get to dictate when engages happen — likely making them burn their ultimates when they don´t want to. Also look out for Cassia – she may easily overextend trying to do the combo.
    What does it synergise with: Even more burst: Add a Greymane, Tychus, Jaina, Li Ming and your kill is confirmed even more likely, and you can target the frontline as well in some cases. You are likely to burn many cooldowns to confirm the kill so any form of disengage ability is welcome for example: Avalanche, Gust, Bloodlust, Force Wall, Ley Line Seal. Heroes that provide some form of vision over the enemy team also help this composition indirectly by making the Hanzo´s job easier — Medivh, Abathur might be good choices depending on the map.
    When is it a great to pick: The combo´s main targets are supposed to be squishy targets in the backline making heroes like Li Ming, Chromie, Valla, Jaina, Kaelthas the ideal enemy. Some squishy melee assassins without escapes like Kerrigan, Qhira can be easy pick offs as well. Medivh is a great counter so ban/pick.
    In draft you mostly want to secure Cassia first since she´s versatile and often higher priority. It´s also ideal for the enemy healer not to have cleanse like Stukov.
    Open maps where 5v5 teamfights happen rarely and maps which place great emphasis on macro like Cursed hollow or Tomb of the Spider Queen are not ideal for this comp since Hanzo and Cassia are not that adequate at waveclear.
  3. Lightbomb + Falling Sword
    How to use it: Anduin casts Ligtbomb, right after Johanna takes into the air by Falling Sword. The Lighbomb actually detonates while Johanna is in the air, there is a 1.5 second time to maneuver with between Anduin casting Lightbomb and it exploding. The target of the combo is usually the healer, since the combo itself doesn´t provide that much damage, meaning that targets other than the healer are likely to escape if they get enough healing. Though if your team is in a position to provide followup then any target is likely to go down. Enemy teams clumping together are also likely to get punished by this combo. At 20 with enchanced Falling Sword CD you can also play mind games with the enemy – since the visual indication is so poor that they most likely can´t tell the difference between basic Falling Sword and Falling sword echanced by Lightbomb.
    How to counter it: The combo´s main weakness is mobility, since it´s possible to dodge. Playing against it your main concern is that your healer doesn´t get caught by it so healers like Lucio, Rehgar, Brightwing, Kharazim are great due to their mobility. Uther can be good also, due to his armor and Divine shield.
    Johanna is often exposed after making the jump so one shot comps targeted around her can work as well. Disengage tools work against it as well, though they require impeccable positioning. Gust, Ley Line Seal…
    What does it synergise with: Heroes that can easily dive the selected target, which might not be that easy to reach: Zeratul, Illidan, Tyrael, Maiev. Heroes which provide vision are helpful as well, though not mandatory at all.
    When is it a great pick: Ideal healers to target with this comp: Ana, Whiteamane, Malfurion, Alexstraza, Li Li, Tyrande. Stukov and Auriel aren´t bad targets either, but they might turn it on you with their ults. Also just anytime you feel that the enemy doesn´t have any good response against heavy dive you have a good chance of winning by this composition. In draft you usually pick Johanna first, then wait with Anduin till the lattter half of draft, so that you have other options if you get countered.

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