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CCL is doomed

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Aside from the obvious popularity contest the CCL has already turned into with in-houses being gate-keeped by streamers and random moderators, the orgs are doing very little to help the aid of new talent that ought to be introduced to the competitive scene. The streamers and moderators, many of which are trying to get drafted for CCL themselves are requiring an application to get into their selective games and the orgs were selected, seemed to be selected from anything but a logical business standpoint. Unless they think an average viewership of 800 people will save this game. The few orgs that kept hots alive after the fall of HGC were overlooked, the combines seem are equally biased and not scouted at great length, and 'popular' but less talented players are taking up limited space for much better players.

It's obvious you need some advertising and public positive public opinion about the game, so I wouldn't knock selecting one or two of the streamers for Orgs. I personally wouldn't have selected any streamer that has openly talked shit about the game for the last 3-4 years. I certainly wouldn't select any of them that have only recently started playing again in the past month or two either. They weren't good for the game back then, they still aren't, and I can't imagine they will be heading into the future. Of course, that's just my unvalued opinion. Maybe they created a great business plan and there's many factors applied that we just will never understand, I'm sure they were prepared and properly vetted. Several orgs went overlooked, despite their dedication, experience, funding, monstrous community support (including casters), and staff in place to carry HoTs back into an competitive MOBA.

The BeatGen combine, unfortunately, isn't even scouted by Org owners, and the player pools are already subject to public opinion from popular streamers creating tier lists. Often ranking players that they haven't even seen. (Literally have seen this discussed in a streamers chat, while players fight to keep their name from being trashed).


Countless numbers of strong players go overlooked and unwatched solely because the ex-pros and streamers have a tight grasp on who will be seen and even org owners filling spots in in-houses. That could be understandable on rare occasions because you want to understand the players you're wanting to draft. It mostly seems lazy though, as org owners should have a good enough understanding of the game to be able to analyze players from a 3rd person perspective. The ex-pros and streamers don't want to let new players into their in-houses without someone vouching for them. Keep in mind, they need to get drafted as well, but if you're not a streamer, or "friends" with them you likely, "don't have the clout", as few in their tight-knit circle would say. Even in combines (which some orgs are requiring vouchers for similar to that of the in-houses), other 'popular' players, often one-trick players, get selected for showcase in spite of being severely handicapped. There has yet to be an intensive review of players(or scouting list), their mechanics, their macro, their shot-calling, their hero pools, and general willingness to be a teammate, made public. Yes, of course I do not have access to private documents that some orgs may not want to share, but when the in-houses and combines are dominated by streamers and these "shadow moderators" (again, whom are often players wanting to get drafted into the CCL themselves), how are players supposed to get an fair and equal chance? Posting public lists categorizing players A-F without having even seen them, already has effects on someone "vouching" for them. I cannot get over how ridiculous the voucher system is. Imagine graduating college and being told you cannot enter a professional sports combine because you do not have Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers vouching for you.

Obviously the ex-pros have the skill and experience, that fact is undisputed; but I can't help but think that if someone dies 9 times in the off-lane playing Dva, there's got to be a better option.

Players and Org owners (obviously the ones who did not get selected) fear about speaking out to prevent being blacklisted and there's no method of recourse. Fortunately, I have no ties to the CCL and did not submit to play or apply for an org. I'm saddened by the politics that came in to ruin a restart of HoTs. I'm more so saddened by what could have been a cleanly executed restart to HoTs which will inevitably be a failed attempt that, I will assume, go widely unsupported by the people that matter. Equally disappointed that the community has been so cowardly in response to what they know is wrong. This includes the players and orgs that have been and have not been selected. There might be small support from players and viewers that were not paying attention, but without the support of the core community, with a fair and equal chance for all players that applied to qualify, it will not have long term success.

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