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CCL Season 2 Poll: Should teams be allowed to change their game lineup AFTER the draft?

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - CCL Season 2 Poll: Should teams be allowed to change their game lineup AFTER the draft?

While we await the follow up announcement for Season 2 of CCL, which will provide more details, the question is can the draft be modified and improved for season 2? Specifically, should the teams be allowed to change their lineup AFTER the draft is complete?

How is this different than the current rules? In season 1 the CCL teams could use their full 6 man roster in matches, but must play with whichever 5 players enter the lobby for an individual game. This new rule proposal would allow the teams to change their starting 5 players after the draft is complete and before the game begins. The team would remain fully flexible and the opponent would have to be mindful of the teams full potential and capabilities, not just the 5 players shown.

How would this work?

From the viewers perspective the draft process would look identical. Each team drafting their 5 heroes with the casters commenting. After the "first draft" is complete, if a team needs to switch their lineup they will disconnect. Restart the game with the correct lineup in the lobby and redraft behind the scenes with the exact same heroes. The "second draft" itself would be quick, but the longest part would be going through the associated loading times again.

Pro: The drafting phase could be more exciting by being less predictable, more flexible, and have more involvement from bench players. In short, the teams have 6 players on their rosters, so let them use them. Teams would be able to be more flexible in their drafting strategy. Opponents would have to respect the strengths of the bench player since they could very well be playing in the game. It could potentially shake up the meta by allowing for surprise hero choices and niche strategies (Bahamut would be pleased). Ultimately CCL is about entertainment and keeping the viewership happy, and this could help keep things fresh.


Counterpoint: This change may sound exciting but would depart too far from how the game is meant to be played. HOTS is 5v5 and seeing who you are playing against is a part of the game, this approach would change the drafting dynamic into something completely different. Also, this change would heavily favor certain teams. Some teams have a true 6th player that could be easily subbed, but others have used that 6th spot for scrimmaging purposes or for extra benefits like coaching/drafting and these teams would not see the same benefit from the change.

Con: It is an unnecessary complication for the production staff and would create a delay between the draft and the start of the game. The time delay between drafting and playing is the most obvious impact. It also creates more moving pieces and more chances for technical issues to impact the broadcast. The risk involved and impact to the flow of the broadcast is not worth it.

Counterpoint: How long would the delay really be, a couple minutes? I suppose the significance of that is subjective, some may see that as a long time while others would not. Couldn't that delay time be used by the casters to evaluate the draft in greater detail or justify their predictions? Or it could even be used as an ad spot for a sponsor and the more financial support for the league the better!

So what do you all think? Please respond to the poll and comment with your thoughts!

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