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Cenarius Hero Concept

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Cenarius Hero Concept


Medium range DD/Support that uses forces of nature to fight his enemies. Has a strong, but slow, whipping attack that he does with his wooden arm that can stretch to reach farther than most melees, but it is shorter than most range heroes. Cenarius can use treants, that follow him passively, to cast spells using them like spell charges each cast cost one Treant , treants replenish periodically. Treants are untargettable and unkillable like Nazeebo’s spiders, they are more like a visual effect. Wrath is a straight line skillshot that makes a treant stick to target until they deal their attacks (1 attack per second) and then they disappear. Stockade is an ability that creates a wall (Half of the sidewall length), by creating 3 walls very fast you can trap the enemy inside of your triangle of walls. Force of Nature is a point and click ability. Tree of Life can be used to make some crazy plays and can potentially break the game. For example it can save allies, but if you all take some spread AoE damage insde of it you will all get damage, but if enemies stand also inside they also take damage, so it can be used to kill and save and make plays with smart movement and placement. Cyclone is very strong and good CC, but is hard to hit, but good in combo with other heroes.


HP 2050

AA Range 3.5

AA Damage 140

AA Speed 0.9

Movement Speed 115%


  • Keeper of the Grove – Activate to reduce damage and duration of the next attack or debuff used against Cenarius by 50% for the cost of one Treant. Passive: Treants follow Cenarius and help him in battle. Cenarius deals damage equal 15% of Cenarius Auto Attack damage to all nearby enemies for each active treant. 3 Charges that used to cast spells.


  • Wrath – Send a treant forward it does 2 attacks to the first enemy on its path. Dealing damage to enemy Heroes affected by Force of Nature, adds a stack of Force of Nature and refreshes the duration of Force of Nature on them.

  • Force of Nature – Send a treant to protect an ally, healing ally Hero over 6 seconds and give them 5 Armor or attacking an enemy, dealing damage to an enemy Hero over time for 6 seconds and reducing their Armor by 5. Stacks up to 3 times. Restores a Treant charge if used on an ally target that already has 3 stacks of Force of Nature.

  • Oaken Stockade – Send a treant to turn himself into a destructible wall that blocks path and enemy projectiles for 2 seconds. Vector targeting.


  • Cyclone – After 1.5 Second start a Cyclone in the area that lifts enemies in the air and starts spinning everyone caught in the area for 3 seconds. Enemies inside the cyclone are silenced and can’t move. Cyclone can be redirected by using it again.

  • Tree of Life – Create a Tree of Life at the location that equals health of all Heroes by the averaged health percentage in the area for its duration, all heroes have shared Health while standing inside the Tree of Life zone. All the damage taken by any Hero in the area spreads across all Heroes. Duration 5 seconds.


  • Pace of the Forest Lord – You move 15% faster at all times, but you cannot use mounts.


Level 1

  • Nature’s Fury Hit 75 Heroes with Wrath. Wrath deals additional hit.

  • Lucent Bark – Send a Treant to patrol and reveal the area for 12 seconds.

  • Wild Growth – Oaken Stockade length and health increased by 20%.

  • Mark of Nature – Force of Nature slows enemies by 5% per stack and increases movement speed of allies by 5% per stack.


Level 4

  • Brambles – Oaken Stockade deals damage to nearby enemies each second.

  • Moonfury – While having 3 Treants Wrath deals 40% more damage.

  • Nature’s Reach – While having 1 or less Treants Basic Attack Damage increased by 35% and Basic Attack Range increased by 30%.

  • Cenarion Ward – You gain shield equal 100% of the damage reduced by Keeper of the Grove.

Level 7

  • Nature’s Cure – You can apply Keeper of the Grove to allies once every 60 seconds. When applied to allies it removes all harmful effects.

  • Detonate – After performing Its attacks a treant turns into a wisp that explodes after 1.5 second and deal damage to all enemies around

  • Overgrowth – Activate to make a zone where you run that heals all allies that stand in it.

  • Revitalize – If Oaken Stockade ends without being destroyed it restores you a Treant charge.

Level 13

  • Nature’s Bounty – Force of Nature duration increased by 3 seconds and it can stack up to 5 times.

  • Nature’s Grasp – Oaken Stockade leaves a zone after it ends that roots enemies that stand in it for 1 second.

  • Ironbark – Force treants to protect an allied Hero make him protected for 1.5 seconds.

  • Faerie Fire – Each stack of Force of Nature increases Spell Armor of allied Heroes by 15. Each stack of Force of Nature reduces Spell Power of enemies by 15%.

Level 16

  • Ancient of War – Turn Treants into an Ancient of War that protects the area for 15 seconds and attacks nearby enemies. Restore 3 Treant charges if Ancient survives for full duration.

  • Ancient of Lore – Turn Treants into an Ancient of Lore that removes mana cost and increases Spell Power of nearby allies by 15% for 10 seconds. Restore 3 Treant charges if Ancient survives for full duration.

  • Ancient of Wind – Turn Treants into an Ancient of Wind, that increases movement and attack speed of nearby allies by 25% while nearby and for 3 sec after leaving the zone. Duration 10 sec.

  • Ancient of Wonders – Turn Treants into an Ancient of Wonders, that periodically heals a nearby most injured Hero. Duration 12 sec.

Level 20

  • Tree of Ages – You can replace Tree of Life once per use and its duration increased by 100%. Allied Heroes regenerate 50% of the damage taken after Tree of Life ends.

  • Hurricane – Cyclone deals damage to all enemies inside and all nearby enemies every 0.25 seconds. Each strike reduces Cyclone cooldown by 1 second per enemy hit.

  • Wild Swiftness – Activate Pace of the Forest Lord to jump a large distance and increase its speed bonus by 100% for 3 seconds.

  • Flourish – Increase maximum Treant amount by 2 and reduce Treant cooldown by 1 second.

  • Orb of Venom – Your Basic Attacks deal additional 100% damage over 4 seconds and Basic Attack speed increased by 100%. Attacking heroes affected with Wrath makes your Basic Attacks splash to nearby enemies.

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