Heroes of the Storm

Changes to Jaina’s Icefury Wand

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Changes to Jaina's Icefury Wand

So <> kind of sucks, it has a tiny pick rate and a low win rate for fairly obvious reasons – it's hard and dangerous to get value with the skill and the value you can get isn't worth the danger. Also not worth picking over the other two talents in almost any situation (Infernal Shrines being just about the only one to get a little faster clear, but even there, Ice Floes is as good or better). It's Jaina's only real Auto-attack talent and I would like to see it be more interesting.

I would rather see Icefury Wand empower Jaina's next auto attack after using any ability to apply her trait <> to the target and deal spell damage. I think this sort of Follow-Through style talent would be a lot more interesting than the current quasi-battle momentum with Blizzard, giving Jaina some strategic options for her auto attacks.

A good Jaina player could use this ability to get more bonus Frostbite damage to more targets. For example, open up with a Frostbolt on one hero applying Frostbite, then AA a second hero with the Icefury buff, then Cone of Cold both of them for terrible terrible damage.

This change would also give Jaina's PvE damage against single targets like bosses, Immortals, and Punishers a nice mana-free boost.

This is of course if an Auto-Attack talent is what we want for Jaina. If it's a Blizzard option that we want to see there instead, then the solution is simple: bring back Jaina's four wave Blizzard! Or, give award Blizzard a fourth wave if Jaina lands an auto attack on an enemy hero while Blizzard is active.

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