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Character Concept: Grommash Hellscream

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Character Concept: Grommash Hellscream

Grommash Hellscream, Chieftain of the Warsong clan, the Warlord with the Iron Will, Grom has remained a great hero to the orcs for the defeat of Mannorath, the ending of the orcish blood curse, and the act of helping Thrall establish the Horde as it is today. One of the most storied and fierce individuals to grace the Azerothian world, Grom's will is as legendary as his deeds.

Grommash Hellscream – Tank

Basic attack damage – 142

Basic attack speed – 0.76 attacks per second

Base rage – 30

Base health – 2870

Note: Grom's maximum rage increases by 2 each level.

Trait – D – Iron Will

While under 50% health, Grom's abilities act as if he had 25 more rage. (does not supply actual rage)

Each enemy hero nearby grants Grom 5 armor.


Losing 4% maximum life grants 2 rage, and abilities generate rage. Abilities become more powerful as rage increases, but every 2 rage decreases Grom's armor by 1. Rage constantly decreases by 1 every 1 seconds.

First Ability – Q – Sweeping Blow – 9 second CD

Grommash swings his axe in a large semicircle area in front of him, dealing low damage and stunning up to 2 enemy heroes hit for 0.5 seconds. Generates 8 rage.

Each rage point increases the length of the stun by 1.5%.

Second Ability – W – Intercept – 14 second CD, 2 charges.

Grommash charges at a friendly or enemy target. When used on a friendly target, Grommash lands next to them and knocks away up to 2 nearby enemy heroes. When used on an enemy, Grommash knocks them back and the cooldown of Sweeping Blow is reset. Generates 7 rage.

Each rage point increasing the recharge time and range of this ability by 0.5%

Third Ability – E – Warsong – 6 second CD, 6 rage

Grommash lets loose a war cry, healing him for a very low amount over 10 seconds. Basic attacks, generating 5 rage, and using Warsong while it's already active will refresh the duration of Warsong and increase the healing rate by 20%, up to 400% more healing and 40 seconds.

R1 – Chieftain's Will – 120 second CD

Sends out a shockwave in a massive cone, stunning affected enemies for 2 seconds and activating Iron Will's rage effects for 4 seconds regardless of current health.

Duration of stun and effects reduced by 1% per rage point, up to 50%.

R2 – Ignore Pain – 10 second CD

Passive: Grommash gains a shield equal to 10% of his health. It regenerates at a rate of 1.5% every 3 seconds. Damaging the shield generates no rage but Grom is immune to armor loss while it remains above 2% of Grom's maximum health.

Activate to double Grom's current shield from Ignore Pain.


Tier 1 – Level 1

Dark Blood of Mannoroth: Lose rage 50% slower but increase the armor penalty by 25%. Not safe to use during the Covid-19 outbreak. Or ever.

Gorehowl's Bite: Basic attacks hit a large area and grant 10% more healing for Warsong.

Legacy of the Black Jaw: Sweeping Blow slows by 60% for 3 seconds instead of stunning and enemies moving while the slow is active intensify the slow. If the slow reaches 100%, enemies are stunned for a duration based on your rage. (moving for 2 seconds during the slow triggers the stun.)

Tier 2 – Level 4

Blood Curse Power: When Grom hits at least 2 enemy heroes with Sweeping Blow, they deal 25% less damage for 3 seconds.

Bury the Weak: Abilities used against enemy heroes under 25% health act as if Grom had 10 more rage.

Usurper's Charge: Intercept generates 5 more rage when used on an enemy.

Tier 3 – Level 7


Battlecry: Warsong no longer costs rage to cast, and reduces the damage of nearby enemies by 10% for 2 seconds.

War Drums: Warsong's cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.

Battle-hardened: When Warsong reaches maximum healing, Grom gains 50 armor for 4 seconds.

Warsong's Cry – Quest: Have Warsong active for 35+ seconds 3 times.

Reward: Effects that increase Warsong's healing increase it by 10% more.

Tier 4 – Level 10

(see above)

Tier 5 – Level 13

Burning Heart – Passive: Deals a low amount of damage each second to nearby enemies. Each rage point increases damage by 1.5%.

Giant's Heart: Increases maximum life by 10%. Takedowns restore 10% of Grom's maximum health.

Enemies' Heart: Basic attacks and abilities reduce enemy healing received by 5%, stacking up to 6 times.

Tier 6 – Level 16

Die by the Sword: Intercept grants Grom 60 physical armor for 3 seconds.

Taunt – Active: Taunts a target to attack you for 2 seconds. 60 second CD

Bitter Skies: While Grom's armor from Iron Will is at least 15, lose rage 50% slower. Stacks with Dark Blood of Mannoroth.

Warband Leader: Nearby allies deal 10% more damage to enemies stunned by Grom. Using Intercept on an enemy and colliding with a wall stuns the enemy for 1 second.

Tier 7 – Level 20

This Wolf Still Has Teeth – Chieftain's Will recharges 100% faster while Grom is under 50% health. Takedowns reduce the cooldown by 90 seconds and grant 20 rage.

Weakness Disgusts Me – Ignore Pain's base shield doubles in value, and Grom is Unstoppable while the shield is above 15% of Grom's health.

Boundless Fury: Grom's maximum rage is doubled, but he permanently loses 25 armor. Grom no longer has a minimum armor limit. Double the rage generation of Sweeping Blow.

Indomitable Will: Grom's movement speed cannot be reduced below 70% and his abilities gain 25% range. Activate to rapidly drain rage and convert it to health. (1 rage = 30 health at level 20, scales.)


I think the least controversial statement you can make to the HotS community is "We should have more tanks." Tanks are good. Tanks can be fun to play. But there aren't enough! So, Grom. Grom is a massive, beefy battlefield presence that must balance rage management, enemy disabling, and peel for allies in order to reach his potential. The idea is that Grom 'has it all,' but has to master using it all in order to be effective. Grom's rage generation and Warsong self-healing make him most ideal in long fights where he can build up his E. Thus, he excels on maps with long-term objectives, like Sky Temple, Volskaya, or for some reason my 34-minute Dragon Shire games. While Grom's rage ability allows him to debilitate enemies very well, he must build up large amounts of rage in order to do so, leaving him vulnerable to focus fire from tank-buster enemies. Grom players intending to play this way should take Ignore Pain in order to offset that weakness. Grom players taking the canon route and having Grom control his rage will get much more value out of Chieftain's Will, which is the only one of Grom's abilities to be hampered by rage generation. His talents are not very geared to a particular build, allowing players to mix and match talents as needed throughout the game. However, the lack of a build-based playstyle means that Grom does not do as well in the early game, but hits a massive powerspike at 20, which allows him to play into his ults or take one of the other two options that accentuate how the player plays Grom.

Hope this was a nice read! Have a great day and make sure to wash your hands with soap and hot water. Stay safe!

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