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Character Concept: Magna Aegwynn

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Character Concept: Magna Aegwynn

Aegwynn was the penultimate guardian, mother of Medivh, and the builder of Kharazhan. A master of arcane arts, she eventually ended up as Jaina Proudmoore's chamberlain and advisor. However, Aegwynn's most famous feat was the killing of Sargeras' Avatar, which in turn possessed her and corrupted her son, Medivh. Throughout several lifetimes of adventure and rebellion, Aegwynn reserved her spot in history as the most powerful of the Guardians.

Aegwynn – Ranged Assassin

Difficulty: Very Hard

Basic attack damage: 101

Basic attack range: 5.9

Basic attack speed: 0.76 attacks per second

Base mana: 600

Base health: 1510

Note: Aegwynn's basic attacks are substantially longer range than most mage's. This allows for superior poke and consistent basic attack damage in teamfights.

Trait – D – Magna's Power

Basic abilities generate a Catalyst based on the ability used. When 3 Catalysts have been generated, Aegwynn can activate Magna's Power to produce their effects. Only 3 Catalysts can be active at once, and Catalysts remain until Magna's Power is activated. If a Catalyst from all three of Aegwynn's basic abilities are present, Magna's Power produces no effects. Catalysts stack.

Combining different abilities produces additional effects.

Combining Catalysts from Arcane Torrent and Overwhelm causes each Arcane Torrent to apply a stack of Overwhelm.

Combining Catalysts from Overwhelm and Counterspell causes targets that hit you with spell while you have spell armor to gain a stack of Overwhelm.

Combining Catalysts from Counterspell and Arcane Torrent causes the targets struck by Arcane Torrent to take additional damage based on spell damage they've dealt in the last 2 seconds.

First Ability – Q – Arcane Torrent – 40 mana – 6 second CD (begins after reactivation or the orb finishes travelling.)

Send out an arcane beacon in target direction which grows in size as it travels. The beacon slows enemies it comes into contact with by 30% for 1.5 seconds. Reactivate to summon an arcane torrent at the beacon's location, dealing moderate damage in the orb's radius after 0.5 seconds. Deals 30% more damage to slowed targets.

Provides a Catalyst that calls down an Arcane Torrent on the nearest enemy, prioritizing heroes. It deals 50% less damage.

Second Ability – W – Overwhelm – 20 mana – 3 second CD

Grants a stack of Overwhelm to enemy heroes in a moderate radius around Aegwynn. When a target reaches 3 stacks of Overwhelm, they are Time Stopped for 1 second and grant Aegwynn 0.5% health and mana. Overwhelm stacks last for 5 seconds.

Provides a Catalyst that grants a stack of Overwhelm to the two nearest enemy heroes after 0.25 seconds.

Third Ability – E – Counterspell – 50 mana – 5 second CD

Target takes 20% of the spell damage they have dealt in the last two seconds, increased to up to 40% based on the amount of spell damage they have done in the last 5 seconds. Grants Aegwynn 25 spell armor for 3 seconds.

Provides a Catalyst that grants Aegwynn 25 spell armor for 3 seconds.

R1 – Aluneth Unchained – 120 mana, 120 second CD

Summons the unbound arcane being Aluneth from Aegwynn's staff at a target location, who persists for up to 12 seconds. Each second, Aluneth randomly casts one of Aegwynn's basic abilities and generates/uses catalysts. Aegwynn loses 50 armor while Aluneth remains. Aluneth has a large health pool.

R2 – Magna Aegwynn's Wrath – 80 second CD

For up to 16 seconds, Aegwynn's basic abilities have a 0.5 second CD, but no longer function normally and only produce catalysts.


Tier 1 – Level 1

Consistent Overwhelming: Basic attacks refresh the duration of Overwhelm stacks. Increase basic attack range by 0.5.


Overwhelming Potential: Targets at three stacks of Overwhelm are stunned for 1 second instead, and afflicting them with a fourth stack while they are stunned time stops them for 1 secon.

Shorthanded Spells – Active: Activate to use all current catalysts regardless of amount. 20 second CD.

Tier 2 – Level 4

Spellbreaking: Counterspell removes up to 2 currently active spell effects from the target. Can not target spell effects produces by heroic spells. (skillshots in the air, spells or DOT effects going off, summons.)

Echoing Arcane: Reactivating Arcane Torrent also summons an arcane torrent of equal size centered around Aegwynn.

Potency: The first Catalyst in Magna's Power is 25% more effective.

Experience of Ten Lifetimes: If all 3 catalysts in Magna's Power are from the same spell, Magna's Power is 75% more powerful.

Tier 3 – Level 7

Intensifying Arcana: Arcane Torrent's beacon slow increases to 60% over its duration.

Increasing Arcana: Arcane Torrent's beacon slow lasts 2 additional seconds.

Insidious Arcana: Arcane Torrent deals an additional 30% damage to slowed enemies.

Impeccable Arcana: Arcane Torrent deals 30% more damage to enemies in the center of the blast.

Tier 4 – Level 10

(see above)

Tier 5 – Level 13

The Last – Passive: When Aegwynn reaches 10% HP, applies 3 stacks of Overwhelm to the nearest 2 enemy heroes. 60 second CD.

The Prodigy: Deal 25% more damage to enemies with more HP than you.

The Mentor: Hitting at least 2 targets with Arcane Torrent or Overwhelm generates an additional Catalyst for that spell.

Tier 6 – Level 16

Meitre's Writings: Magna's Power can hold up to 4 catalysts. Having Catalysts from all 3 basic abilities no longer causes the spell to fail.

Summon Atiesh – Active: Aegwynn summons Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian for 30 seconds. While Atiesh is equipped, spells have a 25% longer range but deal 10% less damage. Can be cancelled early.

Seals of Sargeras: Targets Time Stopped by Overwhelm take moderate damage when the Time Stop ends. Casting Overwhelm applies an additional stack of Overwhelm, but makes the target immune to further Overwhelm stacks for 2 seconds.

Tier 7 – Level 20

Guardian's Companion: Aluneth lasts 25% longer and Aegwynn no longer loses armor while Aluneth is active.

Magna Aegwynn's Mastery: Aegwynn's basic abilities activate their effects 1 second after cast while Magna Aegwynn's Wrath is active.

Ley Line Secrets: Time Stop or stuns from Overwhelm last twice as long. Shots from Towers, Keeps, Cores, Forts, and Catapults grant enemies a stack of Overwhelm.

Aran's Power – Active: Target a friendly hero to gain three charges of the last basic ability they used.(replaces the active slot this ability takes up.) Time between charges uses is equal to the ability's cooldown.

My Son, the Secretkeeper: For up to 3 seconds after your heroic ability ends, you may reactivate it to cast Ley Line Seal in a target direction.


Aegwynn would be the fourth Very Hard ranked hero in the game, and for good reason. In theory, she's incredibly difficult to optimize for the situation, and has several key factors to keep track of. Her Catalysts allow her to combine different abilities to produce offensive or defensive effects, forcing you to predict what you will need by the time you use Magna's Power. Her talents can either make her complicated or simple, with greater rewards for the former, and her heroics reflect her talent choices and trait.

I really hope you enjoyed this! Have an awesome day, and I'll see you in the Nexus.

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