Heroes of the Storm

Character Concept: N’zoth, the Corruptor.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Character Concept: N'zoth, the Corruptor.

Just a warning, this particular concept is very out-there. Remember, it's just an idea.

Deceit, despair, destruction, desperation. Through the power of twisting minds, warping perceptions, and tricking senses, N'zoth weaves his will into the protectors and guardians of Azeroth, plotting their ultimate demise. As on Azeroth, he is the true power in the Nexus. In his presence, all eyes will be opened.

N'zoth – no base stats.

N'zoth does not have a hero unit to control.

While N'zoth in being played, the current map in replaced with Carapace of N'zoth.

Caparace of N'zoth has lanes equal to the map it replaced (random in QM) and one main objective. N'zoth's team gains slightly enhanced structures and minions.

1.5 minutes after the last objective ended, the objective respawns. When the objective begins, each team has a Fury of N'zoth spawn at their core. Right-clicking on your team's Fury allows you to enter N'zoth's mind. While inside, you fight Psychus, a boss NPC with infinite health and several abilities to dodge. 1 minute after the Fury spawns, it activates, and is empowered based on the damage your team did to Psychus. After this, the Fury pushes the same lane as the enemy Fury. (rotates top/bottom or top/mid/bottom.) The Fury will prioritize attacking the enemy Fury. N'zoth can enter the Fury and use his abilities there.

N'zoth manipulates the battlefield with a set of abilities with unlimited range.

Trait – D – Corruptor's Playground.

The current map is replaced with Carapace of N'zoth. N'zoth's buildings and minions are slightly enhanced.

Q – Whispering – 4 second CD

Deals low damage over time to a non-structure target for 6 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times. Duration doubled at 5 stacks. At 5 stacks, target becomes immune to Whispering for 20 seconds. Does not interrupt channeling. (target is aware of their stacks)


W – Tentacle Slam – 20 second CD – Vector Targetting

After 0.75 seconds, a tentacle bursts forth at a target location. 2 seconds later, it slams in target direction, dealing high damage and stunning targets hit for 0.75 seconds.

E – Void Stabilization – 8 second CD

Heals the target for a high amount each second for 8 seconds. This healing decreases as the target moves away from their position where the ability was cast.

R1 – Rage of N'zoth – 2 charges, 200 second CD. Charges do not regenerate.

Immediately spawns the map's objective. Cannot be used while the objective is in progress.

R2 – True Power – 100 second CD.

Summons N'zoth's soul at a target location, with new abilities. The soul has high health and despawns after 25 seconds. It cannot walk/move, and is immune to knockback effects.

Q – Sanity Assault – 3 second CD

Applies 2 stacks of Whispering.

W – Mindgrasp – 10 second CD

Pulls up to 2 random targets in a cone towards N'zoth for 2 seconds, dealing high damage if they come into contact with N'zoth. (targets are not stunned but pulled very quickly, forcing them to run away to make sure the grasp is not fatal.)

E – Void Empowerment – 8 second CD

Damages ALL enemy heroes in view, then heals allies based on damage dealt.

Here's where I'd normally put talents. Problem is, I don't even know where to BEGIN with this. So… I hope you like thinking about this, if nothing else. Have a great day, and don't let the void gods bite!

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