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Character Concept: Prophet Velen

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Character Concept: Prophet Velen

Prophet Velen used to be the respected leader of all the Eredar people, an agent of the light and member of an elite family of Argus' leaders. When the Burning Legion promised power to the Eredar, Velen took his refugees and left, becoming the Draenei, or "exiled ones." After millennia and another escape from Draenor, Velen and his people arrived in Azeroth and joined the Alliance.

Velen – Healer

Base Health: 1370

Base Mana: 500

Basic attack damage: 41

Basic attack speed: 0.83

Basic attack range: 5.2

Trait – D – Foresight – 30 second CD

Naaru's Protection reduces the cooldown of your Holy Words by 25%. Activate to reset the cooldown of Naaru's Protection.

First Ability – Q – Naaru's Protection – 12 second CD – 15 mana

Heals an ally for a high amount and applies a shield equal to half the amount healed for 8 seconds. The cooldown of Naaru's Protection is reduced by 9 seconds when the shield is destroyed by damage.

Second Ability – W – Holy Word: Barrier – 65 second CD – 60 mana

Places a barrier at a target location, consistently applying a low, stacking shield to allies in the barrier every second that lasts for 6 seconds when they leave. Barrier lasts for 12 seconds.

Third Ability – E – Holy Word: Chastise – 80 second CD – 55 mana

Deals moderate damage and stuns a target for 1.25 seconds. (has a minimum range roughly equal to 4x the size of his hitbox.)

R1 – Prayer of Healing – 6 second CD, 20 mana

After 0.5 seconds, heal a target and up to 3 nearby allies for a moderate amount.

R2 – Divine Hymm – 90 second CD, 80 mana

Channel to heal all allies in a large radius for a low amount per second for up to 4 seconds. The healing of Divine Hymm is increased by 5% each time a Holy Word comes off cooldown while Divine Hymm is off cooldown, up to 50%.


Tier 1 – Level 1

Focussed Will: Taking damage reduces Velen's damage taken by 5% for 4 seconds, stacking up to twice.

Never Broken – Quest: Have 20 shields from Naaru's Protection broken. Reward: When Naaru's Protection is cast on Velen, the shield blocks 150% more damage.

Swift Persecution: While a target remained stunned by Holy Word: Chastise, Velen's movement speed is increased by 20%.

Tier 2 – Level 4

Prophet's Reach: The range of Velen's basic abilities is increased by 20%.

Echoes of Light: Velen generates an aura that causes nearby allied heroes to heal for 15% of the last healing they had over 3 seconds whenever they are healed. Only one heal may be active at a time.

Protect the Weak: Naaru's Protection heals heroes under 50% health 75%, but the shield value is decreased by 50%.

Tier 3 – Level 7

Serendipity: Naaru's Protection reduces the cooldown of Velen's Holy Words by an additional 8%.

Holy Nova – Active: Activate to deal low damage to enemy heroes and minorly heal allied heroes in a short radius. Reduces the Cooldown of a random Holy Word by 40%. 20 sec CD.


Follow Through: The cooldown of Holy Word: Chastise is decreased by 4 seconds whenever a target stunned by Holy Word: Chastise takes damage, up to 20 seconds per cast.

Tier 4 – Level 10

(see above)

Tier 5 – Level 13

Holy Fire: Basic attacks deal 50% more damage and reduce the cooldown of Holy Word: Barrier by 5%.

Grace: Naaru's Protection deals low damage to the last enemy hero to damage your target.

Barrier of Protection: Holy Word: Barrier reduces the damage enemy heroes within it deal by 15%.

Harsh Lesson: Holy Word: Chastise can be used on allies to put them in stasis for 1 second and minorly heal them.

Tier 6 – Level 16

Expanding Barrier: Holy Word: Barrier increases in size over its duration, up to 200% when it expires.

Protective Barrier: Holy Word: Barrier grants 20 armor to allies inside it.

Steadfast Barrier: Holy Word: Barrier prevents enemies from passing through its edges for the first 3 seconds.

Reactive Barrier: Holy Word: Barrier reduces the cooldown of Naaru's Protection by 6 seconds.

Tier 7 – Level 20

Prayer of Mending: Prayer of Healing causes the target to heal for a large amount if they are damaged within 3 seconds of being healed by Prayer of Healing.

Apotheosis: Divine Hymm can be channeled for 2 seconds longer. Holy words can be cast while channeling Divine Hymm. Each Holy Word gains 2 charges while Divine Hymm is being cast. Increase Divine Hymm's cooldown by 30 seconds.

Prophet's Protection – Active: Channel for 2 seconds to make your next Holy Word: Barrier affected by all level 16 talents.

Rapture (requires Echoes of Light at 4): Healing from Echoes of Light is increased by 10%, and they gain a shield equal to healing received from Echoes of Light, up to 10% of their maximum health.

Xe'ra's Teachings: When the shield provided by Naaru's Protection breaks, the cooldown of Naaru's Protection is reduced by an additional 1.5 second.

Prophet Velen is an unforgiving teamfight hero with large amounts of shields and healing, and a decent burst of CC, but no mobility or escape of any kind, as well as a fragile health pool. His extremely long W and E cooldowns require him to hit the CDR of his Q in order to activate his trait and heavily reduce their cooldown, which ideally allows him to maintain his W barrier at all times and consistently stun backline targets with his E. At level 10, Velen can choose to gain a more consistent healing ability, or can choose to make himself vulnerable for a moment in order to unleash a large amount of healing on his allies over time. Divine Hymm's level 20 upgrade is also the largest power spike he has, severely increasing his effectiveness during Divine Hymm. Velen works best being protected by tank while protecting far-off dive assassins such as Illidan.

Really hope you enjoyed this one! I don't usually do healers, but I hope this still turned out well. Have a great day!

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