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Character Concept: Taran Zhu, Lord of the Shado-pan

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Character Concept: Taran Zhu, Lord of the Shado-pan

Taran Zhu is the leader of the military organization Shado-pan, a brutal and disciplined segment of warriors whose mission is to protect Pandaria from the Sha. Even among them, Taran Zhu stands out as a warrior without equal, a master of chi energy, and an indispensable force for justice.

Taran Zhu is a CC-resistant melee assassin who shrugs off attacks from afar and assaults enemies for heavy damage after setup.

Taran Zhu – Melee Assassin

Health – 1910

Mana – 500

Basic attack damage – 73

Basic attack range – 0.5

Basic attack speed – 1.71

Trait – D – Peerless Warrior: 12 second CD

Activate for Taran Zhu to become unstoppable for 1.5 seconds. Taran Zhu deals 100% more damage while unstoppable.

Taran Zhu takes 25% less damage from enemies more than 4.2 units away, increase to up to 35% based on range. (most ranged attacks)

Taran Zhu can deliver basic attacks while moving.

First Ability – Q – Hurricane Strike: 25 mana, 8 second CD, 3 charges,

Taran Zhu strikes nearby enemies in an uppercut, dealing low damage to all nearby enemies and moderate damage to his primary target. Hitting a primary target with Hurricane Strike increases the damage they take from Barraging Blows by 30% for 5 seconds. This debuff stacks up to 3 times. (0.5 second CD between uses.)

Second Ability – W – Barraging Blows: 45 mana, 13 second CD.

Taran Zhu assaults the nearest enemy within range five times over 1.2 seconds, dealing moderate damage each hit. If all five attacks are against the same target, they take moderate extra damage and reduce the cooldown of Barraging Blows by 6 seconds.

Third Ability – E – Windwalk: 20 mana, 14 second CD.

Grants 130% increased movement speed, decaying to 20% over 4 seconds. Decaying stops while Taran Zhu is unstoppable.

R1 – Whirling Dragon Punch: 70 mana, 40 second CD.

Deal moderate damage to all nearby enemies, and 100% more damage to enemy heroes. Can only be used when all three charges of Hurricane Strike are spent and Barraging Blows is on cooldown.

R2 – Invoke Xuen: X mana, X second CD.

Invoke inner peace for up to 4 seconds, making Taran Zhu immune to all damage and healing and unable to attack or use abilities, but allowing him to move. When Taran Zhu finishes this channel or ends it early, an effigy of Xuen assaults all enemies around Taran Zhu, knocking them back and dealing moderate damage after one second. Foes debuffed by Herricane Strike are immune. This happens once per second spent channeling, and channeling for longer increases the severity of the knockback and damage. This ability costs 25 mana and has a 25 second CD per second spent channeling.

(comes with a progress bar showing how many "swipes" Taran Zhu currently has from his channel time.)


Level 1 – Tier 1

Serenity: Windwalk's movement speed does not decay and cannot expire while Taran Zhu is rooted or stunned.

Battle Glory: Hurricane Strike heals Taran Zhu for 35% of the damage dealt to heroes and 10% of damage dealt to non-heroes.

Unfaltering: While Taran Zhu is unstoppable, he gains 50 armor and 15% movement speed.

Level 4 – Tier 2

Staff of Iron: Hurricane Strike causes Taran Zhu's next basic attack to deal 75% more damage, stacking up to three times. Taran Zhu can deliver basic attacks during Barraging Blows.

Momentum: Hitting the same enemy five times with Barraging Blows increases the duration of any active effects that grant Unstoppable by 1 second.

Gathering Storm: Hurricane Strike deals 100% more damage to minions and mercenaries.

Level 7 – Tier 3

Discipline: Targets with three stacks of Hurricane Strike take an additional 30% damage from Barraging Blows.

Swiftness: Hurricane Strike launches you in your primary target’s direction, dealing low damage to enemies you pass through. This damage is modified by Hurricane Strike’s damage bonus to Barraging Blows.

Focus: Hurricane Strike deals 40% more damage but no longer strikes additional targets.

Level 10 – Tier 4

(See above)

Level 13 – Tier 5

Stand of the Shado-pan: Whenever Peerless Warrior reduces the damage Taran Zhu takes, gain 50 spell armor. When this spell armor is removed, it deals damage to the attacker equal to the damage it blocked. 10 second CD.


Tempered Aggression: Whenever you avoid a loss of control effect (roots, silences, stuns) with an effect that grants Unstoppable, reflect it back against the enemy that attempted to apply it. Effects applied this way have a maximum duration of 1.5 seconds. This effect has a 23 second CD.

Effortlessness: Peerless Warrior recharges 300% faster while under the effect of a loss of control effect. Hitting the same enemy you last hit with a strike from Barraging Blows grants a charge of Dodge, which causes the next instance of physical damage to miss.

Level 16 – Tier 6

Touch of Death (active): Activate to mark an enemy with death, dealing high-moderate damage to them. After 6 seconds, they take additional damage equal to 20% of the damage they received from Taran Zhu in the last 6 seconds. 60 second CD.

Touch of Karma (active): Activate to stop fate for yourself and an enemy target for 4 seconds, causing you both to absorb all healing and damage. After this duration has ended, your target takes damage and healing equal to the damage and healing you received during the duration, and you take healing and damage equal to the healing and damage they received during Touch of Karma. 70 second CD.

Level 20 – Tier 7

Serpent’s Stride: Whirling Dragon Punch has three charges which are all refunded each time the cooldown resets, and deal 50% damage. Each time Whirling Dragon Punch hits at least 2 enemy heroes, gain a charge of Hurricane Strike. If at least one enemy is hit by all 3 charges, reset the cooldown of Barraging Blows. Whirling Dragon Punch can now be used as long as one stack of Hurricane Strike is spent and Barraging Blows is on CD. Increase the CD of Whirling Dragon Punch by 40 seconds.

Celestial Path: After the effects of Invoke Xuen have ended, summon the spirit of Xuen for four seconds, plus 1 per second spent channeling. Xuen has a massive health pool and deals moderate damage each attack. Xuen’s basic attacks slow enemies by 75% for 1 second.

Mists of Pandaria: All enemy heroes outside of the range of Peerless Warrior are shrouded with the Mists of Pandaria, halving the effect of positive armor gains and causing them to deal 5% less spell damage. Whenever an enemy afflicted with Mist of Pandaria damages Taran Zhu, their spell damage is reduced by an additional 20% and they lose 15 armor for 5 seconds or until they leave the range of Mists of Pandaria.

Cycle of Hatred: After using either Touch of Death or Touch of Karma, gain the other ability. Each ability has its own cooldown. Peerless Warrior gains a second charge.

Dauntless: Gain all level one talents. Windwalk’s movement speed bonus no longer decays, remaining at its full power for the duration of the effect.

Taran Zhu – Lord of the Shado-pan

Pandaren are possibly my favorite non-elf race in WoW, and Taran Zhu standing in stark contrast with the rest of Pandaren culture makes him one of the best characters in the game. Out of everyone who deserves to be in the nexus, I never found people clamoring enough for him.

So, here’s a concept for him echoing WoW’s iconic Windwalker Monk spec and his Shado-pan arts. Taran Zhu is a deadly opponent who has to make the choice between using his trait for offense or escape. His talents and ultimates heavily augment his playstyle, with his 16 options forcing him to gain a new ability that has to be chosen well. Touch of Death is straightforward but doesn’t have nearly the potential of Touch of Karma.

Taran Zhu’s ults are different in nature, with Invoke Xuen being difficult to use but also monstrously powerful as a source of anti-peel that allows Taran Zhu to focus on one target and bring them down, and Whirling Dragon Punch being a finisher with a low cooldown that assists in combos, and allows for a MUCH higher skill ceiling with its upgrade at level 20.

Taran Zhu’s largest counters are armor, burst prevention, and sources of great peel. Johanna’s >, Medivh’s > and Maiev’s > can be fatal to Taran Zhu’s contribution to a teamfight.

While Taran Zhu’s Windwalk grants him great mobility, he struggles to get over walls and around obstacles. Effects like Tassadar’s > and Leroic’s > cause problems, and effects like Genji’s > and Hanzo’s > that can work around obstacles leave Taran Zhu at a disadvantage.

Taran Zhu’s strengths lie in how impossible it is to duel him thanks to his damage potential when not peeled, as well as his strong waveclear and campclear, which allow him to contribute to the macro well before his strong late game.

I hope you really enjoyed the concept! I really like comments, so tell me what you think, and have a wonderful day in the Nexus!

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