Heroes of the Storm

Character concepts – Multiple in one

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Character concepts - Multiple in one

Elune – World of warcraft

Passive: Divine intervention – When activated Elune turns (Undamageable cant remember the word for it) and starts singing allies around Elune heal and Enemies around Elune have their damage reduced.

Q: Moonlights shield – Elune can shield an ally for a small amount of health. When the shield takes damage it heals the ally.

W: Fury of elune – Elune calls down a beam of Moon energy dealing damage in the small area. if enemies stay in the area for the full duration it Heals Elune.

E: moonlight tendrils – Tendrils made of moonlight shine down on an ally cleansing them and healing them if an enemy attacks the ally being healed the tendril will buildup into a ball of moonlight after 2 seconds it will slam down dealing damage to any enemy near the ally.

ULT 1: Blessed Kaldorei Banner – Elune calls down the banner granting allies a large heal and slowing all enemies in the area.
ULT 2: Promise of Elune – Elune shines brighter than ever increasing her movement speed and healing power also giving her a shield durning this, when damaged heals allies near her.

Mist Caller – World of warcraft

Passive: guessing game – Mistcaller when dies seprates into 5 clones dealing damage to nearby enemies. one of the clones is the real mistcaller if an enemy attacks the wrong one they are delt large damage and mistcaller comes back to life.

Q: dodge ball – Mistcaller throws an anima ball in a stright line dealing damage to enemies and slowing them

W: Freeze tag – Mistcaller summons a snowfox that will hint down targeted enemy. If snowfox reaches its target it will deal large damage and root enemy in place.


E: Pattycake – Mistcaller targets an enemy breaking their armor (all damage is increased aganist target).

ULT 1: Shattered psyche – Mistcaller puts a debuff on all enemies making them take an extra true damage everytime an ally attacks them.
ULT 2: Pentalizing burst- Mistcaller Deals burst damage around him. every damage gives ally allies on the map a shield that last a few seconds.


Knira – Nexus (garden of terror) (nightshades secret apprentice)

Passive: Seedlings: After player deaths a seedling is dropped. The seedlings can boost knira's abilities.

Q: scattered seeds: Knira throws out 3 seeds at a time dealing damage and silencing enemies. If knira has a seedling this deals extra damage and increases the silence. (gets rid of the seedling)

W: Bloomed seed: Knira places a seed on an ally after 4 seconds the seedling will grow and become a flower taking 50% of all incoming damage for 5 seconds after blooming giving the ally 50% shield for all the damage the ally takes. (shield will no take damage until after 5 seconds). If knira has a seedling it takes 1 second to grow instead of 4 and takes 60% incoming damage.

E: Night terror – Knira throws out a flower creating a area of poison dealing damage and slowing enemies. If knira has a seedling allies in the area are given a speed boost and damage boost.

ULT 1: Garden of nightmares – Creates an area of flowers any enemies that walk in the area are feared toward knira.
ULT 2: Concealed presence – Put a flower on an ally/selfs back giving them movement speed and invisibility. This ally can attack and not be revealed for 4 seconds.

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