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Character idea: Belial. Or is that just a trick?

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Character idea: Belial. Or is that just a trick?

Belial – Ranged Assassin

Belial, one of the prime evils of the seven hells, is the lord of lies. Conspiring with Azmodan, he nearly overturned the world through his many schemes and machinations. Conspiring with Diablo, he nearly set both of them loose after their imprisonment in the Black Soulstone. Manipulating the Boy Emperor, Hakan II of Kehjistan, he gained a following of cultists, demons, and witches that would die before seeing his plans unfulfilled. Belial's manipulation spread to all corners of Sanctuary and Hell, and now it spreads in the Nexus.

Statistics: Belial –

1460 Health

Moderate attack damage

1.81 attack speed

4.6 attack range

500 mana

Trait – D – Deceit – 9 second CD

Belial marks himself for 5 seconds, becoming invulnerable and invisible. Belial's attacks and abilities deal no damage and cost no mana while marked. After the brand ends, Belial returns to where he was when the brand was applied. A shade of Belial is created after the brand ends, which repeats all actions Belial took in the last 3 seconds of the brand. The shade reactivates again 3 seconds later until it is destroyed. The shade appears to be at 25% of Belial's health when the brand was applied. The shade can be killed in a single attack. When it dies, it explodes, dealing high damage to nearby enemies and additional damage to the enemy that hit it. Up to 3 shades can be active at once. The shade is revealable by detectors.

Q – Maddening Whispers – 30 mana – 4 second CD

Belial sends a piercing bolt of power in a target direction, applying a damage over time effect to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds that deals low damage over 5 seconds, stacking up to 4 times.

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W – Demon Breath – 55 mana – 8 second CD

Belial spews forth demonic breath, dealing moderate damage over 1.5 seconds in a come in front of him. Reactivate to switch positions with a shade also casting Demon Breath, refreshing the duration. Belial can move, but cannot turn while Demon Breath is active.

E – Perception as Reality – 40 mana – 18 second CD

Target enemy has their vision radius reduced by 10%, increasing to 90% over 2 seconds, before regaining their original sight over another 2 seconds. Deal moderate damage after their vision has been reduced by 90%.


R1 – Possession – 100 mana – 100 second CD

Belial channels on an enemy from long range, gaining control of the target, including health, mana, and cooldowns. Lasts for 5 seconds. Cannot be used on heroes under 50% health. Allies cannot attack your target.

R2 – True Form? – 20 mana – 120 second CD

Belial assumes the form of an ally, gaining their maximum and current health, (as well as their model) and their heroic ability, which Belial may use once while the transformation lasts. Lasts 25 seconds. (Comes with an active that cancels the effect)

R1 upgrade – Manipulation

Possession now lasts 7 seconds, and the target is slowed by 30% for 4 seconds after Possession ends.

R2 – Greater Form

Belial deals 25% more damage while True Form? is active.

Synopsis –

Belial, the Lord of Lies, is now fully formed! With a bit of Samuro and a bit of Mephisto, he has some excellent ganking potential against double laners, able to surprise them at every turn when wandering between lanes. Likewise, he is good against heroes like Arthas and Tracer who will have to restrain themselves from attacking his shades. Note that his W can change direction if he swaps with it, allowing him to reposition himself and his attack if needed. His Q is a filler ability that can wreak havoc in teamfights, applying a long DoT that can be refreshed, as it lasts longer than the cooldown. His W can be used between casts, at a maximum of 3 seconds with good timing, to deal additional AoE damage. His heroics have very different functions with similar flavor. With teammates that each fulfill different roles perfectly, True Form loses its use, as the heroic cast will sometimes be wasted or not necessary. There, Possession gives an edge in teamfights, especially where the team lacks in either frontline or backline.

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Yes, I know his trait can act as a 5 second stasis, I couldn't find a way around it.

Hope you like it! Have fun in the nexus and have a great day. On the list is Etrigg, Jorach Ravenholdt, and then Ner'zul.

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