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Charater Suggestion: Karax (how I would do it)

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Charater Suggestion: Karax (how I would do it)

With Tassadar remade everyone and their mother is suggesting Karax to pick up the void left in the support roles. So how would we do it? Well here's how I would do it.

Since Karax only fixes robotics I have a feeling he would be Support/siege.

So here we go:

Basic attack:Phase ArmsKarax uses his back arms to auto attack enemies. (Does a lil damage, has about 2-3 range as it's a semi melee)

Passive: "Phase Shield Field Generator."Karax carries a shield generator on him that makes any non heroic hero that is within his area gain 2% shields from their max hp per 3 seconds. (Maxing out to 10%) Ally heroes gain 4% Shields Max HP per 2 seconds (maxing out at 16%) but only if they have a Phase Battery installed. Shield start decaying after 5 seconds after leaving Karax's distance. Karax himself has a constant personal shield.

(Dont know how to range it but it's about as wide as a ring of frost in my mind)

(Personal explantion: While this is the obivious Tassadar shielding it's very minor and should be a passive insted of Karax constantly applying shields. He's a smith, he ain't got time to give it to others.. well cept batteries, it's kinda like probius's shield generator on his pylons but on a hero)

Q: Phase Battery. (3 charges)A battery Karax installs on an ally structure or hero.If supplied to a hero they will gain shields from Karax. (See passive)If supplied to a structure their shields will not decay until shields are broken and their attack speed will be increased by 15%. The phase battery will vanish from the structure when the shields are broken.Karax can only deploy 3 batteries at a time.

(Cooldown is unknown for now)

(Since giving shields in an AOE is kinda broken in teamfights without doing anything. Heres how to fix it. You can only give it to 3 heroes or 2 structures and 1 hero. This makes you pick and chose. Do you fully support the team fight? Or do you support a 1 hero while you buff turrets on that one lane so no sneaky minion pushes can happen? Also this essentialy is his Master Smith/Reclaimation abillity in game as well.)

W: Output Maximized.Karax increases any shields within his reach to their maximum capacity instantly. Any one with shields will do 15 damage per seconds. This effect lasts 5 seconds. After 5 seconds any hero with a phaze battery will lose it. (Shields cannot be refreshed without those with a phase battery, shields from other sources do not apply)

(Cooldown 11 seconds)


(This sounds a little broken.. ANY SHIELDS?! well yea.. But only those who have phase batteries. Does this apply to lucio's sound barrier? No… Any shields that aren't powered by the phase battery do not apply, their might be talents on them like cleansing but you give up the small burn.)

E: Chrono Wave

Karax's back arms shoot out a chrono wave infront of him. This is a cone shaped wave and any oppenent caught in it will be slown down by 10% for 2 seconds and their attack speed decreased by 20% for 2 seconds. It does low damage (not sure how to calculate it)(Cone is about as big as the upgraded Frost Cone of Jaina (you know the range uprade)

(cooldown 8 seconds)

(Your standard support CC. While chrono wave in the game speeds up things. Here it slows down oppenents. Not much said.)

Heroic 1:Chrono Field.

Karax deploys a Chrono field around him. Slowing enemies down by 2% per second as long as the abillity is up. But speeding up allies 2% at a time per second. Any ally will also recieve increased attack speed by 10% This abillity lasts 8 seconds. And any speed up or slow decays after 2 seconds.

Cooldown 45 seconds.

(This makes you have to get into the fight but considering Karax has to be close.. This essentially makes him a sorta Lucio…thus the shorter cooldown.)

Heroic 2: Summon Collosus

Karax deploys a "Collosus" to attack his oppenents with solar rays. When deployed Karax can order the Collosus to fire Solar Lances at the enemy. This structure lasts 15 seconds or until it's destroyed.(Has around 800 HP, has a basic ranged attack that does 140 damage and can attack each 1.2 seconds)

Solar Lance:Fire a Solar Lance from the Collosus. This is a straight line shot that does AOE damage. (so a beam skill shot that hits multiplue targets) Damage around 320. Cooldown 4 seconds.

(Cooldown 90 seconds)

(Yea a smith wouldn't be much without a structure to build. And thus Karax summons a Collosus to fire Solar shots. Since I cannot give him orbital strikes and such and I don't want the Solar Lance as part of his base kit. I figured this is a nice one. Can be used in Teamfights and Sieging of course. While Chrono Field is more supportive, this one is more offensive but also has a longer cooldown due to it)

And that's Karax's base kit for now. As for talents I have no idea how to balance cept that cleanse idea. But it's a basis. What do you guys think? I did take alot of creative liberty for this one.

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