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Chen Flying Leap CDR Suggestion

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Chen Flying Leap CDR Suggestion

Chen Flying Leap:

Increase Flying Kick's range by 15% and reduce its cooldown by 0.5 seconds each time an enemy Hero takes damage from being Ignited.

I'd like to talk about the design of this cooldown reduction.

In order to benefit from the CDR, Chen needs to Q first, then ignite a Hero. By the time Chen is able to Q + W + E, the Q cooldown is already at 2 seconds.

First of all, this CDR seems to be unimplemented or bugged. In try mode there with this talent taken the CDR does not seem to make the 2 seconds tick down any faster when hitting a target dummy, let alone with hitting two target dummies.

Second, even if it did, the design seems intended to play on getting value from multiple ticks of Ignite damage. If I understand this right, this is 3 ticks of the baseline 55 damage per second over 3 seconds. So for 1 Ignited target that means 0.5s CDR each Second, while he already gets 1 second of natural CDR each second.

  • For 1 target this would take his 2s timer to something like 1s… since when you ignite you instantly get the .5s CDR, taking the 2s timer to 1.5s, but have to wait 1s for the next tick, which clears the remaining 0.5s.

  • For 2 targets it seems it'd still be 1s, since you start with 2s – 1s of the instant Ignite CDR, but have to wait another second before the next tick of Ignite kicks in for the next 1s of CDR, by which time that CDR is pointless.

  • For 3 targets ignited I guess it'd turn the 2s cooldown into a 0.5s CD, but that seems to be asking a lot.


I don't know if my rough calculation here works or even makes sense with how things are programmed, and I can't test it. But at least in theory it seems fairly awkward.

So what I'm really curious about is how does taking this from a 2s CD to a 1s CD even really help Chen's Q build.

It seems like it'd be much cleaner to make Ignites reset Q cooldown. This would at least give a reward for a successful combo execution by letting him know he can instantly use Q again if he lands an Ignite.

However, Q build doesn't really benefit from Ignite damage, it benefits from Deadly Strike damage. Simply being able to use Q 2s earlier doesn't give much power for a level 16 talent on a single target damage build.

My alternative suggestion is:

Flying Leap: Increase Flying Kick's range by 15% and reduce its cooldown by 1.5 seconds each time an enemy Hero is soaked in Brew.

This way, it only gives 1.5s CD for a single target hit, which isn't crazy and doesn't enable insane chasing. BUT, if he is able to hit 2 targets, he gets 3s of CDR.

With 3s of CDR on Q, it enables a different combo: Q + W1 + Q + W2.

To me, this is a nice level 16 talent that is competitive with his other options. It gives increased mobility for skilled W1 hits, and increased damage for Q build.

I don't know. Would this be OP? Is the first suggestion better? Is this CDR only bugged in Try Mode or is it also bugged in the game?

Thanks for your thoughts!

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