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Chen Talent Buffs

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Chen Talent Buffs

Played a lot of Chen before the rework, and have been playing quite a bit of the rework. Most of the talents seem good. A few need some buffs/tweaks. Below are talents that need tweaks and ideas to make them better.

Stormstout Secret Recipe

Adjusted Functionality: Either 1) Increase the percent healing to 2.5% or 2) Also increases Keg Smash Radius by 25%. With either option, talents that compliment SSR need to be added.
Reason: The two talents that synergized with this talent were removed and not reintegrated. Even with the 0.5% buff, it offers too little to compete with its level 1 counterparts.

Withering Flames

Adjusted Functionality: Brew-soaked enemy Heroes have their Spell Power reduced by 40%.
Reason: Withering Flame was great because BoF could be cast instantly. Now that there’s a minimum 1.5s delay to Ignite, this talent gives hardly any value against burst mages, and a 60% uptime isn’t enough to justify picking the talent. “But Chen has Stagger now.” What about your team?

Wandering Keg

Additional Functionality: Press R to cancel Wandering Keg.
Reason: SEF can negate Stagger damage. Using Stagger into Wandering Keg locks Chen in for 5 seconds during which he cannot use his trait to mitigate the damage.


Pressure Point

Additional Functionality: Also reduces target enemy’s healing received by the Slow amount for 1 second.
Reason: This talent has to compete with Ring of Fire and Enough to Share. Both these talents provide either a major damage or survivability boost. This talent’s current functionality doesn’t come anywhere close to competing with the other two, especially with the removal of other Keg talents.

A Touch of Honey

Additional Functionality: While an enemy Hero is Brew-soaked, increase regeneration effects and all healing received by 15%.
Reason: Same as Pressure Point.

Flying Leap

Adjusted Functionality: Increases Flying Kick’s range by 15%. Basic Attacks against Stunned, Rooted or Slowed enemy Heroes reduce the cooldown of Flying Kick by 0.75 seconds.


Adjusted Functionality: Igniting enemy Heroes grants Chen 20 Armor for 3 seconds and reduce the cooldown of Stagger by 1.5 seconds each time an enemy Hero takes damage from being Ignited.
Reason: The way cooldowns are reduced seem backwards between Flying Leap and Celerity. Swapping their functionality suits the play-style of each better.

Hopefully these changes would give reworked Chen some builds other than AA-build.

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