Heroes of the Storm

Cho’Gall rework idea.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Cho'Gall rework idea.
Cho: 1 lvl talents: 1)(Q) "Consuming Fire" is replaced by "Surging Dash" : !Reward: "Surging Dash" heals on 150% of it's damage dealt after hit enemy Heroes 10 times. !Reward: After hit enemy Heroes by "Surging Dash" 20 times ,charging of it heals on 90(was 120) (+4% per lvl) per second. 2)(W)"Fuel for the Flame" is changed: !Quest:Every Minion killed near "Cho" increases the amount healed by "Consuming Blaze" by 0.3%. !Quest:Every Hero Takedown increases the amount healed by "Consuming Blaze" by 3%. Limit is 75%. This bonus doubles vs Heroes. 3)(E)"Calloused Hide" is replaced by "Explosive Joy": !Reward: After hitting enemy Heroes by "Rune Bomb" and "Rune Blast" It's both heal on 10% of their damage dealt.This bonus doubles vs Heroes. 4 lvl talents is no changed. 7 lvl talents: 1)(Q)"Power Surge" isn't changed. 2)(W)"Firestarter" isn't changed. 3)(D)"Enraged Regeneration" is replaced by "General Ideas": "Ogre Hide" increase "Gall's" damage on 5%. "Ogre Rage" increase "Cho's" "Armor" on 5. Reduce switch time between "Ogre Hide" and "Ogre Rage" on 3 seconds. 10 lvl talents is't changed. 13 lvl talents: 1)(D)"Surging Dash" is replaced by "The Will of Cho": !Quest: Takedowns increase regeneration effects and all healing received by 1% up to 10% in Ogre Hide. !Reward:Additionally increase regeneration effects and all healing received on 10% in "Ogre Hide". 2)(D) "Twilight Veil" is changed: Active: Activation gives to "Cho'Galls" both their trait bonuses for 4 seconds. Cooldown is 30 seconds. (Synergy with "General Ideas" and "The Hour of Twilight") 3)(D) "Molten Block" is replaced by "Ogre Rampage": While "Ogre Hide" is active "Runic Bomb" and "Gall's" Basic Abilities recharge on 100% faster. 16 lvl talents: 1)(Q)"Frenzied Fists" isn't changed. 2)(W)"Runic Feedback" is replaced by "Hot Torment": Increase "Consuming Blaze's" damage on 50%. "Runic Blast" affect enemies by periodic effect of "Consuming Blaze". 3)(AA/R) "Runed Gauntlet" is added by next bonus: "Cho's" Basic Abilities deal splash 8(+4% per lvl) Spell damage for each "Cho'Gall's" Heroic Ability is on cooldown. Damage doubles vs non-Heroes. 20 lvl talents: 1)(R1) isn't changed. 2)(R2) isn't changed. 3)(N) The Will Of Cho is replaced by Molten Block: Active: Activate to enter "Stasis" and gain "Invulnerability" for 3 seconds, damaging nearby enemies for 100 (was 92) (+4% per level) damage per second. Cooldown is 45 (was 60) seconds. 4)"Hour of Twilight" is added next bonus: Active: Activation give effect on 1 second: Give unstopable if "Ogre Hide" is active. Increase movement speed on 100% if "Ogre Rage" is active. Cooldown is 60 seconds. 

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