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Cho’Gall Rework Idea?

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Cho'Gall Rework Idea?

ALright so since Cho'Gall is at the bottom of the tier list and is probably the worst hero, I think there should be some changes done to this unique and cool hero. Since Gall harnesses Shadow Magic and Cho doesn't and lacks even some survivability and such, I think it will be cool if he gains another set of abilities that allows cho to harness shadow magic.

With this being said, it will be an activatable ability that allows him to switch his Bruiser Warrior form to his Shadow Magic form. Cho will now have his Basic attacks ranged bet reduce his autos but his autos are able to do spell damage as well (so the orange text indicating the auto dmg plus the purple text indicating that it is spell damage as well). His E (bomb) will stay the same but it would be neat to add some sort of cc to it. So cho can also detonate the bomb himself and if cho activates HIS part of the ability it does a small amount of damage and roots enemies as well. Allowing for easy follow ups from the team and get a pick. Also the going back and forth between the traits is gonna be taken off and cho will have a new activatable trait and gall will gain none and just have his passive as being immune to stuns and cc.

Cho will also gain a baseline talent which enhances his survivability or runic bomb.

Quest: Auto heroes that have been ignited by Consuming Blaze or Magic Pool 50 times (Number is still revised and should probably change depending how fast or slow this will get done)

Reward: At 20 stacks: Runic Bomb will now rollback.

Reward: At 30 stacks: Cho gains an activatable ability, Ogre Hide (D). When casted, Cho'Gall is unstoppable for 0.75 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds (CDR by 5% if gall hits enemy heroes with his abilities.)

Reward: at 50 stacks: Gain bonus 100 auto attack damage and gain Molten Block


Passive: Cho and Gall gain 25% ability damage

Q: Summon Shadow Elemental (60 sec cd but can be reduced by auto attacking enemies. Auto attacking enemies reduces the cooldown by 0.5 seconds)

Cho will be able to summon a shadow elemental (like the water elemental) and deal huge amounts of damage to enemies. It's autos fire fast rapid shadow volleys and is also able to be micro'd by cho and by casting the 1 ability it will cast Hour of Twilight that does aoe damage around it and heals if any heroes are hit.. If Gall casts shadowflame the elemental will also cast and untalented shadowflame wherever it is and will do 50% damage. Elemental base stats will be about the same as a fully stack monstrosity but way less auto dmg and is a ranged attack.

W: Magic Pool: (8 sec cd)


Cho will cast a pool of shadow magic on the ground that enhances chogall and will weaken enemies. The pool lasts for 3 seconds and if chogall stands in it he will gain 5% extra health regen, 5 armor, and 5 spell power. Any enemies standing in the pool will take serious amounts of damage igniting them with shadow magic. Unlike Consuming blaze, you dont heal if you auto enemies that have been ignited. The circumference of the pool is about the same as chromie ult.

E: Runic bomb (same cd)

1(ability): Hour of Twilight: Does aoe damage around Shadow Elemental and heals the Elemental if any heroes are hit (5 seconds)

2(ability): Switch to Warrior Mode (10 second cooldown)

If CHO detonates the bomb, instead of rooting enemies it deals more damage and reduces enemy armor


Passive: Cho gains 25 ARMOR

Q: Surging Dash: Will remain the same

W: Consuming Blaze: Added Functionality, now slows enemies that have been ignited by 15%

E: Runic Bomb: Added Functionality: If CHO detonates bomb near heroes, it will root enemies

1(ability): Hour of Twilight will be uncastable

2(ability): Switch to Shadow Form (10 second cooldown)

Gall's kit however will remain unchanged and will stay the same except for the removal of Ogre Rage and his spell power damage now rests upon cho's hand. Cho players will know feel unstoppable with this change giving him survivability, more damage, scary abilities and more. The addition of the Shadow Form will make cho much more of a threat but will also increase his mechanics by a lot. Gall players will feel like they are unstoppable wherever they go and will see that cho's will probably go in more often as they have fairly good cc to back them up. Cho'Gall will remain as a disruptor to all who oppose them with a bit variety to the kit and such and is able to do much more damage. Magic Pool and shadow Elemental will make Cho'Gall a big threat in choke points and wanting to gain point control. I am too lazy to make a talent list especially that I have removed rollback at 4 and added new abilities but they can do something like Cho gains a talent at 4 that increases the range of bomb and take that off the Bomb's Away quest. Speaking of Bomb's Away they should make it cap at 60. Another Talent idea is to give better bonuses to Magic Pool like 15% regen, spell power, etc. This might seem broken or underpowered or who knows but these are just ideas I can think of. Cho'Gall rests mainly upon Cho's hands as it always has been and should be and will make it or break it just to how strong Cho'Gall will really be.

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