Heroes of the Storm

Classic Aiur battle field

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Classic Aiur battle field

Once upon a time I dreamt of a new map and I described it on the old hots forums , I am going to re-suggest it below:

The map brlongs to the second great war era during zerg invasion of Aiur.

  • Zerg side has creep on the ground ( pink color to be distinctive from zagara's creep )

  • Protoss side has ancient drawing and sculptures on the ground

  • Zerg minions are 3 melee zerglings, 1 mage defiler, 3 ranged hydras and 1 ranged guardian as the catapult

  • Protoss minions are 3 melee zealots, 1 mage high templar, 3 ranged dragoons and 1 ranged reaver as the catapult

  • Mercenaries are 2 groups on each side: 1- bruiser camp: 2 firebats, 2 medics and 2 marines 2- siege camp: 2 siege tanks and two guarding goliaths that stick besides the tanks while sieged to guard them , tanks only siege when trying to attack structures and remain sieged unless there are no more structures within range

  • it's a 2 lanes map with zerg cereberate or the overmind as core and protoss conclave counsel or ancient temple as the other core. in the center of the map there are 4 infinite mineral nodes and 2 refineries , the nodes and refineries are considered as walls for heroes.

  • Periodically the cores will send their workers (probes and drones) to collect resources , 5 workers each. A worker will have 3000 hp +5% per level , they spend 10 seconds gathering then head back to base and move at normal hero speed. The 1 worker collecting vespene can't be attacked while inside the refinery. Each worker carries 100 resources at a time.

  • After the second round cores spawn bonus troops according to the amount of resources gathered, each 100 minerals produce 1 unit in order of ranged units up to 5 and then melee units up to 3. Each 100 vespene upgrades your summoned units armor and damage plus the first minion wave gets summoned after them. ( Upgrades last for one round of troops only )

  • Zerg troops are 3 melee ultralisks with cleaving attacks and 5 ranged roaches

  • Protoss troops are 3 melee archons with cleaving attacks and 5 ranged immortals

  • Troops are equal in power and will summon each time at the same lane but they alternate between lanes each objective

  • Try to kill enemy workers to weaken their produced bonus wave.

  • Towers are spore colonies and photon cannons, forts are hatcheries with subterranean tentacle attacks like sunken colony and nexus with over charge attacks.

  • Cores don't attack but summon emergency units when attacked, lurkers and broodlords, colossi and carriers.

  • whenever zerg or protoss push into each other territories by destroying major structures (forts) the ground is cleared of creep or covered in more creep.

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