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Cocoon no longer being disjointed by teleport should be immediately reverted

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Cocoon no longer being disjointed by teleport should be immediately reverted

From ptr patch notes

Anub’arak: Cocoon is no longer disjointed by teleports. Cocoon will now redirect, similarly to pyroblast, and fall off if the teleport is far enough away.

This change is horrible design with balance implications mainly affecting Li-Ming. I'll go over several points why this change is very poor design

  • It removes counterplay from an ult that usually has very little counterplay already. More in-game counterplay is a good thing. Li-Ming is already at a disadvantage fighting against Anub, blink dodging cocoon gives her a way to gain value against him. It's a David and Goliath situation.
  • The Ming-Cocoon interaction brings an interesting skill-testing matchup for both Ming and Anub. The Ming player can instantly destroy cocoon with disintegrate, but has to be hyper vigiliant of being cocooned herself and pay close attention to when Anub attempts to cocoon her to do the perfect cocoon dodge. In turn there is counterplay to Ming being able to dodge the cocoon that the Anub can do, the Anub now has to play around her blink, they can either cocoon another target and dive Ming herself during her laser while she's rooted, or pressure her into using her blink then cocoon her after she uses it. These sort of mind games are fun and test the skillset of both players when using these respective heroes. In high level play this is dynamic interesting gameplay.
  • This is effectively a major nerf to Li-Ming, one of the most chronically underperforming assassins for years. A strong case can be argued that she needs meaningful buffs, but even if you disagree at the very least it can universally be agreed upon that nerfing her is wrong.
  • This is effectively a major buff to Anub'arak, one of the most overperforming tanks for many months. A strong case can be argued that he has not been nerfed enough and has not even been nerfed in the right ways (his W ability and talents remain untouched), but even if you disagree at the very least it can be universally agreed upon that buffing him is wrong.
  • It's a cool thing to do. Stop removing cool plays you can do in the game. Less cool things = more boring game.

This is even worse than the pyroblast change that makes pyro undodgeable. That change removed skillful counterplay to a 0 skill point and click full screen away ult (that was also super cool to do and produced a lot of content for wtf/cool moments youtube videos and such), but at least that change did not effectively nerf one of the weakest heroes and buff one of the strongest ones back when it happened.


I strongly urge the developers to revert this change immedietly. Below high level play this mechanic is mostly irrelevant anyways as the Ming-Anub matchup is generally not played correctly by either Ming or Anub players. In high level play it's an interesting fun interaction and as a grandmaster player I know absolutely nobody that actually complained about this feature, whether in SL or competitive and across major regions. If there were people complaining they were in the minority, as there is counterplay to this mechanic.

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