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Community Idea – Weekly/Monthly Hero Concept Contest

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Community Idea - Weekly/Monthly Hero Concept Contest

One of my favorite things about HotS is well, Heroes. So I tough, why don't we create community ,,concept contest'' of sorts on this subreddit. The Idea is simple, first of all, I will post 2 polls for you. In first poll, you choose how often will these contests appear, Every One/Two Weeks or Monthly. In second poll, you choose the ,,core'' of the contest. Will it be one specific chosen hero trough poll for the week that everyone makes a concept for, or will it be any hero concept player chooses? Or maybe concept by roles / universes ( Contests dedicated for example, only to Diablo franchise or Tank role).

I personally think biweekly format would be best timing format because it would allow for enough time in making solid concepts while also keeping it fresh – monthly would be too stale and weekly too rushed. Biweekly would basically allow voting week to be in the middle of 2 weeks, making it pretty fluent and just enough in a sense of time gating.

When it comes to core format of the contest, I personally like the Concepts by roles/franchises/events, this would be a perfect middle between total freedom and one hero chosen. This would allow for more flexibility in concepts while still holding some sort of unity in content of these concepts.


I personally think this would be a fun neat addition to HotS subreddit for people who are interested in making or reading concepts. It would maybe even get some people in making concepts for fun and maybe even Blizzard picks up something fun while seeing these.

I propose this idea but I am not making this that official or professional at all so if someone else wants to be the host of this event, feel free to take it on. I would rather be contender than host my self but it all comes down to preference.

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If anyone is interested in this idea, feel free to suggest, ask or critique anything. This will be community powered event that could bring a sense of unity and bond withing the subreddit, something that I think we all need due to recent events.

Poll 1 and Poll 2.

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