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Concept – Mannoroth, The Flayer

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Concept - Mannoroth, The Flayer

"Stupid, pitiful creature. I am the rage in your heart. I am the fury of your thoughts. I alone empowered you to bring chaos to this world, and by the endless void, you shall!"

Mannoroth was the barbaric Annihilan leader of the pit lords when Kil'jaeden recruited them. After Archimonde took control, he recognized Mannoroth's value as a brutal, bloodthirsty fighter and made the pit lord his second-in-command. A favored lieutenant to his masters in the Burning Legion, Mannoroth gave his blood to Gul'dan to whip the original Horde into a blood frenzy before the culling of the Draenei and the first assault on Azeroth. The pact was ultimately what compelled Grom Hellscream to confront Mannoroth in what would come to be known as Demon Fall Canyon, a conflict that passed on into legend with the fading of their lives.

Mannoroth is a formidable tank that is incredibly dangerous if you let him get close. He mitigates damage by taking damage, but is weak against line of sight attacks in the early game. Bruisers get demolished by Mannoroth when they don't have a chip healer on their team, and he causes all kinds of carnage in team fights—sometimes even when his own team dies.

————–Mannoroth, The Flayer————–

Melee Attack____

Health 2900

Health Reg 5.38

Resource 500 Mana

Attack Spd 1.5

Attack Rng 2

Attack Dmg 100

Collsion Radius 1.1875



Mannoroth's formidable size and ferocity inspires terror in those around him.

Damaging Mannoroth with any form of damage applies the Terrified debuff.


Enemies affected by Terrified debuff have move speed and all damage reduced by 10% until they can break line of sight with Mannoroth using terrain.


Mighty Cleave

Immediately refresh Mannoroth's autoattack. Next autoattack applies to all enemies in a 180 degree arc in front of Mannoroth and afflicts them with the Injured debuff.


Enemies affected by Injured debuff have 5% reduced movement speed until they receive healing from any source other than themselves. Stacks up to 3 times.

25 mana

Radius 3

Cooldown 4 seconds


Threatening Roar

After a 1 second cast, Mannoroth roars menacingly. All minions, summons, and mercs are feared for 2 seconds. All affected heroes have the Terrified debuff applied.

35 mana

Radius 3

Cooldown 10 seconds



Mannoroth glows green and cackles as he heals 300 health (+4% per level) over 3 seconds. Any nearby unit with the Terrified or Injured debuff is stunned for 1 second.

70 mana

Radius 4

Cooldown 15 seconds


Rain of Fire

In a large area, 10 balls of fire fall rapidly from the sky over 1 second and leave burning spots on the ground for 6 seconds. Units struck by a ball of fire burn for 80 damage (+4% per level) every second for 5 seconds. Enemies that run through fire that is already on the ground burn for 20 damage (+4% per level) every .25 seconds for as long as they are touching the fire. These two effects can occur at the same time.

90 mana

Distance 8

Radius 10

Radius of fire 2

Cooldown 80 seconds




Can be cast on enemy or allied heroes. If the hero dies within 3 seconds, a Doom Guard spawns. The Doom Guard prioritizes heroes and pushes the closest lane if no heroes are nearby. Heroes affected by the Terrified debuff also need to break line of sight with the Doom Guard to clear the debuff.

100 mana

Cooldown 80

Doom Guard

Duration 20 seconds

Health 1258 (+4% per level)

Attack Damage 78 melee (+4% per level)

Attack Speed 1.2

Attack Range 1.5

Movement Speed 5.2



Reduce movement speed by 40% for 1 second.

Cooldown 10 seconds

War Stomp

Stuns enemies in a small area for 1 second.

Radius 3



Fel Charge

Mount (Z)

Instead of normal mount speed bonus, Mannoroth charges forward.

Distance 4

Cooldown 4

Fevered Pursuit

Mount (Z)

Mount speed is increased to 140%

Endless Adrenaline

Mannoroth loses Mount (Z) but gains permanent 15% movement speed.


It's A Gusher

Injured debuff applies for at least 1 second before it is able to be cleared by a healing effect.

Aggressive Swing

Mighty Cleave applies 360 degrees.

Annihilan Vigor

Intimidation heals immediately for 50 health (+4% per level) for each hero affected.



Mighty Cleave refreshes immediately if more than one hero is hit.

Deep Breath

Threatening Roar range increased by 25% and effect continues to apply Fear and Terrified debuffs for 2 seconds after initial cast time.

Who Needs Armor?

Intimidation gives Mannoroth 15 armor for each hero stunned for 4 seconds


I Knew You Would Come

Enemies affected by the Terrified debuff are revealed for 4 seconds after receiving it.

Painful Phobia

Enemies affected by the Terrified debuff take 10% more damage.

Blood of Mannoroth

Allied heroes near Mannoroth have 15% additional attack speed.


No Mercy

Injured debuff applies 10% reduced movement speed and can stack 5 times.


Threatening Roar no longer has a cast time.

Your Despair Fuels Me

If an enemy is affected by both Terrified and Injured debuffs when Intimidate is cast on them, they are stunned for 2 seconds and Mannoroth heals 25% health.



Rain of Fire becomes a global and Mannoroth is transported to large meteor at the center that falls from the sky. Heroes struck by the meteor take 200 damage (+4% per level) and are knocked back as Mannoroth emerges from it.

The Evil Within

If Mannoroth dies, 2 Doom Guards spawn where he fell.

Watchful Eye

The Terrified debuff can no longer be cleared using terrain. It can only be cleared by leaving Mannoroth's sigh radius.

Abandon Hope

The Injured debuff stacks 10 times and can be applied by normal autoattacks.

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