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CONCEPT: temporary hero unlocks

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - CONCEPT: temporary hero unlocks

So, I made this post on the official forums.
And I figured I might as well post it here also…
Or maybe there is a different HotS reddit. idk, reddit isn't my thing, the post:

Alternatively titled, “An exploration into using Gold to learn heroes”.

So, the basic idea is that you can spend 1000 gold on any hero which is not currently Free to Play, and is unowned. You would be able to as many non-ranked games within the next 2-3 days (48-72 hours), or 10 games. Whichever is longer.

The cost of purchasing the hero at any point in the future would be reduced by 1000 gold. It would not reduce the gem purchase cost.

You would not earn exp for using this hero, or the exp would be “delayed” until you purchased them.

Heroes would not be eligible for this unless their gold price is 10K or under.

Some questions or “concepts” I though of to answer:
Q: What is the purpose of this?
A: The largest goal of this is to allow people to try heroes without waiting until they are free to play. And outside of the very simplistic “try” mode.

Q: Why the 2-3 days?
A: the 2-3 days period comes from the concept of someone sitting down for either the weekend (friday/saturday/sunday) or if they work and have consecutive days off. This is to allow them to sink many games into the hero if they wish to really explore them.

Q: Why 10 games as an alternative?
A: This is for people who don’t play as often, or who end up being busy. 10 games is still a solid chunk to play around with a hero and get the general feel of them.

Q: why 1K gold?
A: I was initially thinking of suggesting a percentage of the heroes cost, but that becomes messy. I think this is more elegant.

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Q: why no gem price reduction?
A: I’m trying to suggest something realistic.


Q: Why can’t I use these heroes in ranked?
A: The goal of this would be to allow a way to try new heroes you’ve not played as, or perhaps have had a rework. I don’t believe that ranked is a place to try a new hero. And I believe the HotS devteam and most of the community would agree.

Q: Why don’t you get exp?
A: There needs to be some way to hold back exp (preferably delay it) because there is no way I see the developer team being able to enable “pay 1000 gold to easily get chests on anyone” due to it making it easier for players to “farm” chests on heroes that are not free to play. I could be wrong.

Q: Why does it only work with heroes 10K or less gold?
A: To prevent players from being able to pay 1000 gold to try a brand new hero right at launch. This would just clog up the queue for people who bought the hero fully with Gems of Gold.

Q: Why not just learn use try mode?
A: Try mode is very good for practicing a hero in specific ways. It is a good way to get good. I believe it does not provide the feeling of playing the hero that a 5v5 game does, and is not helpful for answering “do I l enjoy playing this hero”.

Q: changing it X way would make this idea better
A: make a comment!

Q: This idea sucks
A: Please explain which exact part of it you dislike. And if possible, please explain why you dislike it, so it can be improved upon.

Q: I like this idea, how can I support it?
A: liking the post and/or responding positively are ways to show you this it is a good idea. Which I believe means Blizzard is more likely to see it and possibly even adopt the idea.

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If anyone wishes to repost this comment onto a different community without edit (excluding mine), feel free to do so. Preferably with a link back to this thread.

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