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Sooo I got bored and decided to make a hero concept for Urun, an Admiral in Starcraft. He is seen piloting a Phoenix in Starcraft 2, so he would be a Phoenix in HotS as well.

It's my first time doing this so it probably isn't balanced or interesting 🙁

All stats and abilities in this are

(SC) Urun

Ranged Assassin | Difficulty: Hard

Title: Admiral

Role: Assassin

Franchise: StarCraft

Price: 750 Gems / 10,000 Gold

Health: 2355

Attack Type: Ranged

Health Regen: 2.35

Mana: 500

Armor: 0

Attack Speed: 1

Attack Range: 5

Attack Damage: 163

Speed: 120% (140% while using Boosters, his Z ability)

Q-Graviton Bomb|75 Mana|6 second cooldown

Launch a bomb at the target area, dealing 90 damage to enemies inside and disabling

enemy Minions, Mercenaries and Monsters for 5 seconds, and enemy Heroes for 2 1/2


W-Overload|100 Mana|11 second cooldown

After a 1 second delay, deal 245 damage to nearby enemies. Urun's movement, abilities

and weapons are disabled for 1 second during and after use.

E-Gravitic Thrust|50 Mana|4 second cooldown

Dash a short distance, moving through any units or structures along the way.


Passive: Kinetic Capsule

Urun's basic abilities have an increased mana cost, but his basic attack grants him 5

mana per attack. Urun also has increased mobility, and can attack at a slower rate while

moving. |AtkSpeed while moving: .75| |AtkSpeed while moving with Heroic 1: 1.25|

Anion Pulse Crystals

Urun's phoenix has enhanced attack speed. |Passive| |New AtkSpeed: 1.75|

R-Warp In Reinforcements|60 Mana|120 second cooldown

Urun warps in 3 allied Phoenixes (Stats: 50% Increased stats to the standard Ranged

Minion, as well as 120% speed). The Phoenixes can be warped in anywhere visible

on the battlefield, and will automatically attack in the lane they are closest to.

^^If any of the 3 Phoenixes are alive, this ability will remain disabled. Once all 3 of them

die, the ability goes onto its 120 second cooldown^^

Z Ability: Boosters

Gain +20% movement speed for {X} seconds. (Idk how long it is for Sgt. Hammer or Probius)

Criticism is always accepted, I know it isn't that great 😛

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