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Crossover Champion Idea; Aurelion Sol; The Star-Forger

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Crossover Champion Idea; Aurelion Sol; The Star-Forger

"Cower. Worship. Marvel. They are all appropriate responses."

  • Backstory; After being tricked into servitude by the Targonians, the celestial dragon Aurelion Sol waged war on their behalf for millienia, fighting empires and destroying creatures throughout the universe.
  • Reasons for coming to the Nexus; After learning that the Nexus shields him from the Targonian's control, Aurelion Sol has entered the cosmic storm in the hopes of finding a way to free himself so he can return to his star-forging ways.
  • Playstyle; Similar to in League of Legends, in Heroes of the Storm, Aurelion Sol is a sustained damage medium ranged assassin who punishes enemies with his orbiting stars before flying out for distant ganks.
  • Kit;
    • Trait; Center of the Universe (Aurelion Sol has three stars that orbit him equidistant from each other, taking three seconds to complete one orbit. When they impact an enemy, be it a Hero, Minion, or neutral mercenary, they deal 20 spell damage. The stars orbit Aurelion Sol constantly, and only disappear when he's hit by hard crowd control or dies. Additionally, the stars will not disappear if Aurelion Sol is hiding in a bush or vent unless they also exist within the bush or vent's perimeter)
    • Q; Star Surge (Aurelion Sol throws out the core of a newborn star in a target direction that, upon reactivating the ability or exceeding a certain distance from him, will explode, dealing 70 damage and stunning for 0.75 seconds within its radius. If Aurelion Sol keeps pace with Star Surge, it will continue to grow in size until its center moves past his Outer Limit or on reactivation. It won't do more damage as it grows in size, but it will damage and stun in a larger area)
    • W; Celestial Expansion (Aurelion Sol temporarily pushes his stars out to his outer limit, doubling their damage and increasing their speed. On reactivation or after 3 seconds, he'll pull his stars back in).
    • E; Comet of Legend (Aurelion Sol flies in a target direction for a significant distance, pulling in his stars as he travels. While flying, he can see and be seen over walls. After traveling for the maximum distance, on reactivation, or if he takes damage from enemy Heroes, Forts, Keeps, or Towers, he will drop out of his flight automatically)
    • R1; Voice of Light (Aurelion Sol breathes out a blast of pure starfire in a target direction, dealing 250 instant spell damage, applying a 40% slow decaying over 4 seconds, and knocking nearby struck enemies to Aurelion's outer limit)
    • R2; Stellar Collision (Aurelion Sol channels for three seconds, manifesting a massive star above him before hurling it towards a target location, dealing 400 instant spell damage on impact. Reactivating the ability will throw the star early, but for reduced damage)
  • Talents
    • Level 1
      • Starstruck (Trait, stars deal 10 more damage)
      • Star Forged (Trait, gives Aurelion an extra Star)
      • Gravity Well (Trait, stars apply a 20% slow decaying over two seconds. Hitting another star refreshes the effect)
    • Level 4
      • Protoplanetary Disk (Q, enemies in Star Surge's area will take 5 physical damage every 0.125 seconds they are in the area)
      • Gravity Assist (E, increases speed of Comet of Legend if he activates it near an allied hero)
      • The Great Expanse (W, increases the radius of Aurelion Sol's Outer Limit by 50 percent)
    • Level 7
      • Celestial Firmament (Trait, stars no longer disappear when Aurelion Sol is hit by crowd control)
      • Master of the Universe (W, Celestial Expansion can now be toggled, but drains mana while toggled on)
      • Crown of Star-gems (Passive, Aurelion Sol gains spell armor when he's hit by crowd control)
    • Level 10
      • Voice of Light
      • Stellar Collision
    • Level 13
      • Wormhole (Active, Aurelion Sol opens a wormhole to a nearby target location, allowing for two way travel between the entrances. The wormhole will collapse on itself after just 60 seconds or when five heroes have used it)
      • Supernova (Trait, When Aurelion Sol dies, his stars explode for area damage)
      • Meteor Shower (E, Meteors fall along Aurelion Sol's path while using Comet of Legend, dealing 50 spell damage on impact)
    • Level 16
      • Topple, mortal creations! (Trait, Aurelion Sol's stars deal bonus damage to enemy structures)
      • Dark Star (Q, Star Surge continues to deal a small amount of AOE damage after detonation while slowing enemies)
      • Stardust to Stardust (E, Star Surge can now be cast while Comet of Legend is active without forcing Aurelion Sol to drop from his flight)
    • Level 20
      • Best Viewed from a Distance (Voice of Light upgrade, increases its range, damage, and slow duration by 50 percent)
      • Massive Velocity (Stellar Collision upgrade, range is now global and can be cast anywhere Aurelion Sol has vision)
      • Momentous Impact (E, When Aurelion Sol lands from Comet of Legend, he will explode for major area damage in a large area around him)
      • Rogue Stars (Active, Aurelion Sol hurls his stars in a target direction, which deal their normal damage upon impacting an enemy, be it a minion, hero, or mercenary. Benefits from any prior talents that affect Aurelion's trait)

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