Heroes of the Storm

Crossover Maps (e.g. Protoss vs. Undead) — Will one ever come?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Crossover Maps (e.g. Protoss vs. Undead) — Will one ever come?

Heroes of the Storm has been around for a number of years now. In that time we've seen Nexus-unique settings for maps like The Garden of Terror and Blackheart's Bay. We've also had maps based on specific battlegrounds and maps from existing Blizzard titles, such as the Alterac Valley map and Hanamura Temple. However, despite the inherent crossover nature of Heroes of the Storm, we've never had a map where two completely different Blizzard franchises are at odds with one another. Why is that? Isn't half the appeal of this game

We already have cross-universe skins, like Maraudin' Muradin, so I'm kind of surprised we haven't taken the next logical step and gotten a map dedicated to this concept. It would allow for some interesting


for the Nexus, and allow beloved, underrepresented Blizzard factions to have more of a presence in Heroes of the Storm. Following my example from the title of this post, (Protoss from Starcraft vs. Undead from Warcraft), this would be an excellent opportunity to show off both Protoss and Undead architecture. There are so many possibilities, like Ziggurat-themed forts and Slaughterhouse-themed keeps to the several varieties of Scourge that can serve as map-specific lane minions; the list of fun references that can be made go on and on. That and I'd just plain love to see what Blizzard would do with a dedicated plotline along these kinds of lines, like The Scourge invading Aiur so Arthas can bolster his ranks with zombified protoss.

What do you guys think? Would you like to see a map or two along these lines added to the game? You know, referenced factions aside and whatnot; I just harped on the Scourge as an example because I know them well.

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