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Current list of Hogger bugs

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Current list of Hogger bugs

Here's a thread for people to mention bugs they've noticed with Hogger.

  • It is possible to have Staggering Blow interrupted, but it goes on cooldown as if it was successfully used.

  • It is possible to have Shockwave interrupted, but it goes on cooldown as if it was successfully used.

  • It is possible to have Hoardapult interrupted, but it goes on cooldown as if it was successfully used.

  • Hogg Wild is very inconsistent on its final range. I've had situations where it shows that no bounce will occur, and one happens anyways, and I've had situations where it shows a bounce will occur, and it ends instead.

  • Hogg Wild does not correctly display future bounce trajectory.

  • Terrain generated by Hoardapult displays ground geometry after it despawns until the player moves or uses an ability. This sometimes happens to the trait as well, but it seems to be less consistent than Hoardapult at leaving ghost barriers (it often self-culls even if no actions are taken).

  • Hoardapult and trait are capable of interrupting actions that should not be able to be interrupted, most notably Deathwing's landing.

  • Hoardapult and trait can also interrupt channelled effects. Currently attempting to find a Murky that does not pick March in QM to determine if trait can disrupt them.

  • When Hogger selects Dense Blasting Powder, splitting the dynamite does not deal the dynamite's damage. If this is intended, then splitting the dynamite shows the dynamite as exploding when it isn't actually doing so.

  • With Dense Blasting Powder, it is possible to split dynamite that lands under an enemy hero before it can instantly go off, resulting in a net damage loss to a single target.

  • No Control seems to last a lot longer than 5 seconds when there's valid targets in range but travel is required.

  • No Control does not pick a new target if the previous one dies before Hogger can reach them. This causes Hogger to spin in place even if there were valid targets to bounce to.

  • When Hogger does not have a new target with No Control, it does not decay faster or end, resulting in up to 5 seconds of spinning in place as Hogger cannot end No Control manually.

  • Dynamite spawned by Secret Stash has a shorter throw distance than target-picking distance. This means it will attempt to throw dynamite at heroes it cannot hit, and since it picks a hero at random, it can ignore targets it can hit when it tries to toss dynamite at targets outside of its range.

Did I miss anything?

Edit 1: Adding bugs mentioned in comments so far as well as a new bug I discovered.

  • When Anduin uses Leap of Faith on Hogger while Hogg Wild is active, Hogger is no longer able to cancel Hogg Wild for the rest of its duration, causing him to spin in place for the remaining Hogg Wild duration.

  • Hogger sometimes clips through terrain while using Hogg Wild, including his own Loot Hoards.

  • Hogger is capable of entering the enemy hall of storms while using Hogg Wild.

  • Hoardapult's Loot Hoard does not spawn a chunk of meat on creation when Bones to Gnaw is selected.

  • For EZ-Thro Dynamite, there is no differentiation in the description between sticks spawned by talents (Dense Blasting Powder, Secret Stash) and the pack spawned by using the basic ability. This causes people to become confused over which dynamite can be split using Dense Blasting Powder.

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