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Current state of TL/HL: When you sometimes feel like you’re in a Heroes Brawl…

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Current state of TL/HL: When you sometimes feel like you're in a Heroes Brawl...


I've been playing HOTS for about two years, but only started playing ranked last season. I was placed Silver 5, and climbed to Diamond 4, which is where I'm sitting right now. In most of my games I solo queue (also for TL), but I also queue with other people here and there. I don't come to games with the mentality that I'm better than others, or that my teammates hold me back. However, I think one of the reasons I managed to climb thus far is that I'm reading guides, learning about proper team compositions, and some fundamental things such as camp timings and soaking among other things. However, I keep running into games where I feel like my teammates have reached their rank with just good micro play, and "out-brawling" their enemy. They don't care about whether the team composition matches the map they're playing, they care about getting kills ASAP, and if you get the objective or a fort too then why not?

Here are some notable examples, I'm sure we've all been there: Braxis Holdout. Both teams have a "standard" team composition of 1-3-1, but so it happens that the 3 damage dealers on your team are Chromie, Mephisto and Valla, while the enemy team has a Thrall. The first objective spawns, Valla goes top against Thrall, the two mages stay bottom, and the rest is history.

Next up, Battlefield of Eternity. The enemy team picks Zuljin, Artanis, Li Ming, Anubarak, Rehgar. Luckily for you, your teammates pick the "overpowered and constantly banned" Orphea and Azmodan, along with Stukov and Leoric, while you go Johanna. You're thinking to yourself "Well, there goes our immortal damage… Let's just try to do camps and defend the immortal in hopes of stalling". Next thing you know, 7 minutes have gone by and Orphea stacked no less than 5 deaths, you're behind on levels and haven't timed the Shaman camp once because your teammates thought it's better to brawl before the objective.

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Finally, Cursed hollow. You're on Dehaka. Your team missed the first two battles and a potential curse is coming up. The enemy team already has level 10, while you're at 9.5. You tell your team to stall while you soak that extra wave, get 10, and teleport to the objective. You get to 10 and finally feel like this is the moment to strike! But right as you're about to teleport to a bush, you hear the death sounds go off, and you get pinged three times by your Li-ming. Game over.

Now, when those things happen in QM or UR, I always think "eh, it's ok to try things out, this isn't competitive or anything". But when you play Ranked your goal is to win. You have a rank that corresponds to the number of wins you have, and hopefully correlates with your skill; when you take a competitive game seriously, you don't want to be in gold. While being a good player increases your chances of victory in a given match, your teammates skill and decisions make at least as large impact on the outcome, and it can be frustrating when they view the game differently than you (in my opinion this is also a big reason why toxicity exists).

To conclude all this, I really am wondering, how do you guys deal with those things? Should I just go with the flow, focus on micro play and flashy high risk plays, and be less frustrated overall when I think my teammates don't make the "right" play? Or should I just find 4 other people that share my views and play with them? Are you guys getting worn out with Ranked?

Would love to hear your opinions, all comments apperciated!

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