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Cursed Bullet is Good and Dull – Greymane Analysis and Ideas

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Cursed Bullet is Good and Dull - Greymane Analysis and Ideas

?hero=Greymane&timeframe type=major&timeframe=2.51,2.50,2.49,2 - Cursed Bullet is Good and Dull - Greymane Analysis and Ideas

Look at those heroics. The winrates and popularity are so balanced. Isn't it great?

So anyway, here's my issues with Cursed Bullet!

Mechanics and Flavor

No, Cursed Bullet isn't just for full hp tanks. But that's when it gives the most raw value. The easiest and healthiest target asap. Also gets your low 30 sec cd ticking. This incentivizes lazy use.

Thing is, Go for the Throat is the opposite of CB here. Using GftT just for the damage and dive, without getting a kill, wastes its full potential. Thus you have to be patient… before you lose your temper.

Then, mechanics and flavor. Cursed Bullet, I don't really get the theme of. But mechanically, it's meant to soften a target. That's what Human form is all about. Ranged autoattacks and a unique skillshot that softens the backline. That's about it. Though not a 'cursing' bullet, you'd expect a debuff, no?

But GftT, hoo boy! The name of it and its upgrade alone are amazing. This vicious heroic unleashes a bloodthirsty monster that's not there for a meal. He does not get satisfied. He's there to kill. If you let him in, if you couldn't protect your ally… you're next. His frenzy begets more frenzy. And such rewarding mechanics, it feels so good. It highlights the kill, instead of just raw damage.

How Could it Work?

Well, with a debuff, of course… which is what it used to do! I know I know, by making the bullet cursed, they moved from the status idea. But anyway.

Here's my issue with the old Heroic. It was Hunter's Mark. Yeah it got the 'refresh with damage' eventually… But Greymane is a hunting pack in his own. Not a scout who aids their team like Tyrande.

Say the damage became a DoT, and it or cooldown got nerfed. Then add either of those:

  • The target receives 20% more damage from Greymane in Worgen Form.
  • Dealing damage as a Worgen extends the poison duration by X, up to Y seconds.

This adds a lot mechanically and thematically. It demands that you keep contact with your prey to get full value. You become the hound that retrieves the wounded prey for its master… you. Enemies, like buffalo gathering around their wounded ally, can protect their teammate until it regains its footing.

So we have GftT, the bloodthirsty monster breaking in, and CB, as the hunter & hound package.

Other Ideas

Greymane has some issues in terms of mechanic richness and potential. Insatiable is a pure mana talent and, powerful as it is with proper support, Executioner is a generic talent on a hero with deliberate lack of cc. As a hunter and hound in one, he's also missing tracking mechanics.

He's never had a big rework, like D.Va, no thorough examination and refinement of his entire kit. Even CB was his single change in its patch. Anyway. Here's a few ideas I've had for mechanics.

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