Heroes of the Storm

D.va Rework Brainstorm

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - D.va Rework Brainstorm

Proposed Changes:

  • Activate trait is Explosion/Call mech, it has a cooldown now like Alex or Rag, damage from rockets/damage reduction from matrix reduce cooldown (AA hits for pilot respectively). Explosion damage is more focused in the center with outer rings less damaging; in return it blows up slightly faster (talent to play with damage distribution and timer like Nuclear option).

  • Mech and pilot are both worth 75% of a hero, if both are killed it equates to 1.5 hero death.

  • Mech movement speed is normal and only slowed when auto-attacking.

  • Q is same.

  • W inflicts minor self slow and is a targeted ability a la Tychus Q, i.e. click on enemy hero to point it in that general direction. It can be recast as needed during the duration. If no enemy is clicked, it projects in whatever direction Dva is facing and can be used during Q.

  • E is Micro Missiles. Projects in whatever direction Dva is facing. Usable during Q. Damage increases the more hits there are on a target. Slightly longer range than mech AA. Deals reduced damage to non-heroic targets.

  • Pilot Dva damage is nerfed, but in return has default knockback ability and better range/baseline minor slow built into AA (Concussive Pulse and Suppressing Fire essentially, cooldown for the knockback should be decent and slow should be balanced as necessary for baseline).

  • Talents could use redesign as well (possibly high level talents granting CC or sustain)

    • Nanite Matrix – proportion of damage blocked with Matrix is granted to Dva as shields, staggering out damage and giving time to healers to sustain mech
    • Anchoring Missiles – each hit of her missiles adds minor slow, but at a certain threshold will trigger root (stun if talent is too weak)
    • Burst Debuff – first 1.5 seconds of Matrix reduces damage by 95% but would either increase cooldown on the ability or reduce duration of the ability
    • There are various ways to make new neat talents, etc.


Pilot Dva's main goal should be re-meching like in Overwatch. Her damage is nerfed and with the potential of granting 1.5 hero death exp to enemies, there isn't as much incentive to remain in that form. In return, to improve her survivability, she is granted extra range and minor slow on AA, and baseline knockback ability (also for some play with bouncing enemies into now faster explosion). The increase in death exp is so that enemy team has even more incentive to focusing her (never mind her Matrix and Missiles) and she can be punished. The new survivability changes should mitigate somewhat the dangers of pilot. Ideally, she should be able to survive de-mech and continue to be annoying, but enemy team should derive benefit as well.

Movement slowed a bit during Matrix so enemies can reposition as matrix is less clunky as well. Permanent baseline slow removed as it just made her feel incredibly clunky (never mind the fact that she can't mount) but remains in effect during AA so she isn't Fat Tracer.

Micro Missiles added to make Dva an actual bruiser (damage). Makes it so enemies have to get out of her face or CC her to escape.

More focus on Mech. She should have a similar niche as in OW. Diving enemies, protecting allies, and being annoying.

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