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Darrowshire Map Concept

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Darrowshire Map Concept

I am a firm believer of the point that if you dislike what the developers are doing, at least make an attempt to show what you would do instead.

And with my dislike for both Braxis "Brexit" Holdout and Hanamura, I decided to dabble into designing a map from scratch after my earlier Haunted Mines rework idea.

I wondered how to theme it other than wanting it to feel different, what I actually wanted (though I knew what I wanted the objective to be like), and after some research (I never played other Blizzard titles and had absolutely no clue where to start) I went with Darrowshire, so the map would be dotted in more-or-less ruined houses that would make up most of the impassable terrain. It would be grey and grim, even compared to Haunted Mines and Cursed Hollow.

Design goals: I wanted to make 4-lane map with serious comeback potential, while also playing with various non-pushing camps. Also, I love Towers of Doom.

iydkkoN - Darrowshire Map Concept

2-dimensional sketch

Basic Map Features:

The cores are blue and surrounded with a grey area. Scourge versus Humans

The bordeauxred area is the killzone, its edge with the grey area a row of cannons.

Middle gray area are lanes with Forts. Light grey area is the contested middle of the lane.

The jungle is light green. The Forts are upgraded to Keeps after 12 minutes. Destroyed Forts and Keeps become of your color.

Unpassable terrain has the charcoal colour.


Top: A bulge-shaped lane. Two sapper (orange) camps are above the lane. I put them incredibly close to the lane, but it might be better to put them closer to the fort (with a backdoor that's guarded by a single turret).

Top Middle: Standard lane.

Bottom Middle: Standard lane.


Bottom: Another standard lane, though it is longer than the other lanes, so minions will take longer to meet each other. A Sapper camp is put below the lane (orange) dead center, so it can be contested.


Orange: Sappers. They push the lane and are the ones we love from Towers of Doom and hate from Haunted Mines. If they reach the killzone, they launch themselves at the enemy core, granting you one point.

Yellow: Destroy 4 Black Mages (as in Knight camp) Taking this camp causes a Catapult to spawn with your next minion wave, in all four lanes.

Light Blue: Destroy a single Black Knight. Taking this camp grants you an item; either a horn with a vile green drink granted by a skeleton (Scourge) or a cup of sweet tea granted by Pamela Redpath (human ghost). Either drink heals the bearer for 30% of his health and 30% of his mana over 10 seconds, and grants 20% Spellpower and Attack Speed for its duration. This is tied to the F-key.

Red: This one marks the Corrupted Knight, the boss, and it joins your side when taken. Either joining the Scourge as a Death Knight, or becoming a Paladin and joining the Humans. He grants your team 6 points.


The objective gets announced after 2:30, and the first Mages (magenta) appear at 3:00. They spawn in singles, pairs or trios á la Towers of Doom. If a Mage dies, the team that dealt the most damage to it is granted its favour and every Fort/Keep under that team's channels, granting the team one point per structure (up to 9 if you control the entire map).

Teams start at zero points, and the first team that reaches 60 points has won. Their army will pour through the gates and demolish the enemy core.

So, I think that is it for now! What do you think of this map suggestion?

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