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Data on average game time change with the new Anomaly

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - Data on average game time change with the new Anomaly

TLDR: Average game time has gone up by about 7%.

As people discuss the new Nexus Anomaly there have been a lot of claims thrown around about extreme increases to the length of games. Since this did not match my own experience I wanted to see if I could get some numbers on it.

Hero - Data on average game time change with the new Anomaly

HeroesProfile has average game length numbers available by selecting "Game Time" in the "Stat Filter" field.

The numbers below are based on Storm League games only and compare the previous patch, and the current patch At the time I collected the numbers HeroesProfile had about 850K games for the old patch and 370K games for the new patch (since we are less than 2 weeks into it). This seems like a large enough sample size.

First of all the grand total: The average game time across Storm League games on all maps and all ranks went from 18:42 to 20:02, an 80 second increase, which is about 7.1%. Surprisingly modest compared to what many of us have been guessing. We are getting one bonus teamfight 🙂

I was curious to see if rank has affected this so I gathered the data for a few rank groups. Note that this is based on HeroesProfile's rank calculations which I believe is different from the official since that data is not available in replays (not 100% sure about this).

Here is the breakdown for rank groups. (The grouping is due to my laziness and wanting to save some clicking)


Nothing really exciting here, as one would expect higher rank players are able to close out their games more quickly. The increase looks about the same across ranks.

I have also done a per-battleground breakdown. Once again this is based on SL games only across all ranks. The sample size for each map is about 75K games for the old patch and 30K for the new one.


There is more variation here. Towers of Doom games are hardly affected, this is understandable because of the special mechanics of the map. Sky Temple and Hanamura are also less affected since a lot of the structure and the Core damage comes directly from the objective. Tomb of the Spider Queen and Battlefield of Eternity on the other hand have seen the largest increase. Any theories on that?

One thing to consider here is that the average game time increase is less than the game time variation between maps.

Finally, I would like to thank /u/heroesprofile for the awesome service! Please consider supporting HeroesProfile by uploading your replays or on Patreon!

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