Heroes of the Storm

Dear Devs: Can you make it Spring Events’ tradition? (・ω

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Dear Devs: Can you make it Spring Events' tradition? (・ω

If you don't know, last year's Spring Event (Caldeum Complex) hinted at Deathwing. Techno Vandal Chromie's "cataclysmic visions" in the description of the Event were an early hint at the release of Deathwing.

Full description of Caldeum Complex Event (the bolded part is the hint; unimportant/non-related parts are marked as spoilers, you can click on them to read the full description of the Event):

"Welcome to the Caldeum Acropolis, 2103 AD. A city bought and sold a hundred times over, now giant Mega Corporations hold more sway in the ever-shifting politics of the world than governments. Down on the rain slicked streets, humans, mutants, machines and synthetics all struggle to find their place in the light of the neon glow beneath the towering monuments to capitalism lording over them.

With such oppression, the common people often turn to a life of crime. The leader of one of the largest gangs, the Azure Dragons, goes by the nickname, Chromie. Both a hacker and an anti-corporate street artist, many have said her work has an almost prophetic quality, as if she sees through time itself. The corporate media would have you believe she uses her gang of hackers to illegally ensure her prophecies become true, but lately her work has turned dark, as if she’s seen a cataclysmic force on the horizon…

Recently, the Dragons have found an ally in the Onyx Turtles. While it’s rare to see the gangs working together, as the noose of systemic oppression has grown tighter, those in the underbelly of the mega-city have had to find new ways to survive. Kharazim and his Turtles are a harder sort of stock than most, with many known gladiators and street fighters serving in the ranks. This new alliance has provided the Azure Dragons a strong defense against threats in the physical world.


High above, the Jigoku Cybernetics Corporation, a primary manufacturer of mechanical augmentations, has become a target of both groups. In the mean streets, human enhancement has become one of the few options left to move the playing field more into the favor of those willing to bend the law. But their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and any who would dare to impugn the honor of Jigoku find themselves in the sights of the CyberOni, Jigoku’s elite agents: merciless killers at the beck and call of their bureaucratic masters."

So, dear devs, can this year's Spring Event (that is just around the corner) give a little hint about the next big hero (Blizzcon-worthy hero (*)) in any form (in the official blog post about the Event/ in a skin's description/…), please? (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

(*) If Blizzcon isn't canceled this year due to COVID-19.

Thank you for reading my post! Stay safe! Best wishes and see you in the Nexus! 。◕‿◕。

Featuring the "Cyberpunk" skins concept of Joseph Kim (I may make a speculation post about the upcoming Spring Event soon.) https://imgur.com/a/cAV2bDm

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