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Deathwing appreciation post + some random thoughts

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Deathwing appreciation post + some random thoughts

Ok, I’m slightly late but I can't believe how perfect Deathwing is. I was honestly scared that they would mess something up. I was thinking "There is no way they will get everything right, is there? His model will look weird, his kit will be lackluster, his FX, something…" How is this even possible? He's unbelievable! He has armor plates, he's vanishing into the sky, he's scorching a whole area while flying, he has different abilities depending on the form, he looks badass when he's landing and at any time really. Honestly, thank you so much devs!

I love how they gave him the elite frame too. They had to show that he's different in some way and it's the perfect way. He has permanent UNSTOPPABLE so it would hide the player's name at all times and he's also unaffected by allied abilities so it just makes perfect sense to give him a unique frame to signify that!

Also, I love the way he was teased and revealed. The earthquakes were proof that the team wanted everything to be epic. They didn't need to make them, but they wanted to recreate that WoW nostalgia. The trailer was super fun too. Honestly, Abathur is always hilarious. He just looked like he was praying until he hastily fled.


Some people wondered why they didn't show the trailer at Blizzcon and they revealed it earlier. My theory is that they had limited resources even for a Blizzcon reveal. Even though I'm clueless, I imagine that every second in trailers costs quite a bit so they couldn't make a long video with a story like the one with

or the one with

. I mean, you have this big crowd in front of you and you show them the video and it's only 40 seconds. Also, the Brightwing joke wouldn't work at Blizzcon. People wouldn't fall for it there. They would expect Deathwing anyway, but now many did fall for it, even for those seconds. I don't think it means anything about the game or about the Hong Kong PR situation etc. It was just best to release it earlier, because it was too short to create Blizzcon levels of hype in front of a crowd.

Finally, after the reveal, I’m constantly seeing new low level accounts in my QM games, even level 0 (the portrait has no number), which means that many people are as excited as I am to play Deathwing. HotS is my favourite game and I’m super happy when more people appreciate it.

So thanks again devs! Deathwing is truly your best work yet! And for that, I'll stomp, bite, burn and terrorize you in the Nexus! (You make this great thing and this is what you get! Muahahahahaaaaah- aaah- aaah coughing up ashes and pulverized bones)

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