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Dehaka level 100!

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Dehaka level 100!

At last, my flair has been earned! But I didn't come here to bother you all with that, I'll post some tips for Dehaka below 😛



1: Tissue Regen for most situations. The extra essence and HP make you much better at sololaning, reasonably good at fighting, and the passive HP regen is a godsend in QM.

Enhanced Agility is insane for ganking, but you have to be in a situation to sustain your HP.

Enduring Swarm is good for a situation where the enemy team isn't going to send too much AA damage at you, so when you know you can wade into the enemy backline or if you're against triple frontline you can get huge value.

4: Hero Stalker is best because it gives you in-fight sustain. If the enemy are playing cautious, One-who-collects is fine. Lurker Strain never.

7: Feeding Frenzy is his single strongest talent, Drag often equates to a kill if your team is nearby. Symbiosis is only better if you took Enduring Swarm. Constriction never.

10: Isolation is fantastic and easy to use. Adaptation can work well with W build.

13: Primal Rage has great synergy with Tissue Regeneration, and means you can actually trade with most melee assassins really well in combination with Feeding Frenzy. Primal Swarm is another great component of W build, and the only good standalone W talent. I haven't had a chance to properly test Ferocious Stalker since the buff, but it's generally awfully unreliable.

16: Tunneling Claws is unbelievably good for such a simple effect. Elongated Tongue can work if your team has your back 100% of the time. Paralysing Enzymes never.

20: 97% of the time, take your ult upgrade. They're both VERY strong. Essence Claws are kind of meh since everyone has mobility except you to escape your tiny slow and they lack the playmaking of the other three. Apex Predator hasn't been good for years.

~Playing Advice~

-Walk to the midlane first, and kill the mage minion while people brawl. This immediately nets you 12 essence, giving you a fairly significant advantage in the sololane. Drag here can equate to a kill if it hits, because your whole team will be around to burst the target.


-When laning, if you can bait the enemy into range then DRAG THEM INTO YOUR TOWERS. Imperius will die at full health if you let him spear you near your gate and drag him in as soon as you're dropped.

-Seriously, your damage isn't that high without Primal Rage. DRAG PEOPLE INTO TOWERS. If they chase after a fight, if they try and gank you, if the fight happens to have a nearby keep. All these things can royally fuck up an assassin and generate an advantage.

-If you drag someone with your team around, walk through them. This will bodyblock them to give your assassins some extra time to wail on them.

-If you Drag someone without an unoccupied teammate nearby, then just autoattack them. It's free damage and will activate Feeding Frenzy.

-Dark Swarm disables your collision entirely. Excellent for reaching the enemy backline. Terrible for bodyblocking.

-You can't Burrow during Drag.

-The minimap is essential to playing Dehaka well. More than normal, I mean. You want to lane a lot to maintain your essence stacks and keep the team's XP ahead, but the second a fight starts to break out you need to be there immediately. Brushstalking takes 4 seconds, or more if you can't click the tiny minimap icons well. That's >4 seconds for a 4v5 fight to go very badly. Seriously, it's like giving them a free Maiev Containment Disc on you.

-Isolation's silence/slow lasts 3 seconds. Wait until it's (almost) over before you drag your target, so you have 4.5 seconds of lockdown on them.

-Isolation can't hit minions or summons. Even if Drag is obstructed by something (and it often will be) your ultimate WILL be able to stop that Butcher from carving up your support, or catch that fleeing Azmodan.

-The :Dehasilly: emoji is one of the best, if not THE best emoji. Use it.

-When B stepping, if you give a tiny pause between each B you'll appear to do a very fast dash/slither. Excellent for enraging people.

Thanks for reading, everyone.

I guess now is probably the time to show this off too, if anyone wants to do some reading.

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