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Designing a new hero-Kaldalis

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Designing a new hero-Kaldalis

Hey there, I'd want to introduce a Hero I made about a day ago; I want to see how reddit users would think about him, and if I'm lucky enough, Blizzard might see this post and get inspired.

First of all, sorry for any minor(maybe major) grammar mistakes/non-HotS style instruction this post might have; I'm not a good english speaker, just a blizzard fanboy living in Korea(Of coarse, south). It would be so grateful if you leave a comment about my hero(or error).

Kaldalis, The tip of the spear

I'm Akhundelar, The tip of the spear!

Basic info.


Franchise: Starcraft

Attack Type:Melee


Health: 1540(+4%)

Resource: 500(+10) Mana

Unit radius: 0.82

Attack Speed: 1

Attack Range: 1.2

Attack Damage: 51(+4%)×2



D1. Force of unity

When at least 2 other heroes are nearby, Kaldalis's basic abilities cost 10 less mana and become powerful.

*Radius 6

D2. Psionic shield

Kaldalis has permanent 924(+4%) shield which regenerates 92.4(+4%) per second. Regenerating rate increases to 4 seconds for 3 seconds when Kadalis dealt damage to/got damaged from enemy hero.

Q. Engage

-Kaldalis jumps into the target enemy, dealing 162(+4%) damage, stunning enemy for 0.75 seconds, and slows the enemy by 30% for 2 seconds. Enemys nearby grants half of the effect.(81(+4%)damage,stun for 0.375sec, slow by 15% for 2sec)

Force of unity: Range is increased by 50% and stunning target enemy for extra 0.5 seconds.

(nearby target stun increases to 0.625sec, now i'd believe you understood how this skill works)

*Cooldown 12s, 65 Mana

*Range 5, Radius 2.25

W. United will

-Gain a shield that absorbs 552(+4%) damage for 4 seconds.

Force of unity: Also regenerate 30% of the missing Psionic shield(D) throughout 4 seconds.

*Cooldown 9s, 55 Mana

E. Warp-blade boost

-Basic attack range increases by 100%, slows enemy by 5% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 40%.

Lasts 4 seconds once triggered.

Force of unity: Basic attack also deals damage in wide area.

*Cooldown 12s, 60 Mana

*Arc 135 degrees


Heroic Abilities

R1. Akhundelar

2 seconds later, summons Akhundelar for 15 seconds. Akhundelar consists of 3 Zealots using Charge and 2 High templars using Psionic storm. Force of unity also treats each templar as a hero.

*Of coarse, Zealot is also a templar.

*Cooldown 80s, 70 Mana


Health: 650(+4%) + Shield 390(+4%)

Attack speed: 1

Attack Range: 1.2

Attack Damage: 27×2(+4%)


Charge to an enemy, dealing 52(+4%) damage and slows by 30% for 2 seconds.

When Kaldalis casts Engage(Q), Charge to the target of Engage; regardless of the cooldown of Charge.

Range 3

Cooldown 5s

*High templar

Health: 300(+4%) + Shield 300(+4%)

Attack speed: 1.2

Attack Range: 6

Attack Damage: 18(+4%)

Psionic storm

Create a Psionic Storm at the targeted location for 3 seconds. While in a storm, enemies take 20 damage every 0.5 seconds

Range 8, Radius 2.5

Cooldown 6s

R2. Gallantry

Activate to reinforce next basic ability at no mana cost. Also activates Force of unity(D)

Q. Engage: Doesn't choose a target. Enemies in the area takes 198(4%) damage and are stunned for 0.5 seconds. Enemies in the center take 25% extra damage and are stunned for 1.25 seconds instead.

*Radius 2.5, center radius 1

W. United will: Gains 734(+4%) instead. Shield regeneration granted by Force of unity(D) increases by 100%

E. Warp-blade boost: Increases duration by 100%. Each basic attack slows enemy by 7.5%, up to 60%. Increase attack speed by 20%.

*Cooldown 80s, 100 Mana


Level 1 Talent

Regenerating shield

!Quest: Gathering a Regeneration globe increases your Health Regeneration by 0.5 per second, up to 15.

!Reward: After gathering 30 Regeneration globes, increases the maximum shield and regernerating shield of Psionic shield(D) by 20%


Divert shield

100% of the overhealing tranfers into Psionic Shield. Gain Psionic shield/heals 10% of damage dealt by basic attack. Can't get more than the maximum shield of Psionic shield(D) by this talent.

Anti psionic shield

Passive: Get 15 spell armor while Kaldalis has shield.

Active: Increase spell armor granted by this talent by 300% for 3 seconds.

*Cooldown 45s

*Any kind of shield can activate this talent: Including Zayra's E, Old Tassadar's Q, etc

Level 4 talent

Ranged engage

Increase the range of Engage(Q) by 20%.


Reactivating Warp-blade boost(E) in 1 second will finish the duration instantly, but shoots a energy slash that deals 150(4%) damage to all enemies. Using this effect reduces cooldown of Warp-blade boost(E) by 4 seconds and refund 20 Mana.

*range 8, hitbox 0.8


Reactivating Warp-blade boost(E) in 1 second will finish the duration instantly, but deals 150(4%) damage to all enemies in the basic attack range and pushes them. Using this effect reduces cooldown of Warp-blade boost(E) by 4 seconds and refund 20 Mana.

*Pushing distance 3

Level 7 talent


Activate to cast Engage(Q) to ally. Grants the target ally 30 armor and 25% of the remaining shield of Psionic shield(D). Pushes nearby enemies instead of stunning them.

*Pushing distance 1.5~3

*Cooldown 20s

*Doesn't share cooldown with Engage(Q)

*Also grants Force of will(D) and all the other Q talents' effects.

*Cannot be activated while Gallantry(R) is activated. Vice versa.

Gigantic blade

Increase the extra basic attack range from 100% to 200%

Also increase the arc when empowered.

*Arc 135 degree -> 180 degree

One as all

All the allies inside the radius of Force of unity(D) also grants 40% of the shield.

*Includes the bonus shield regeneration granted by Force of unity(D) effect.

Level 13 talent


Engage deals 25% extra damage.

Increase the radius by 50%.

Iron will

Active: Only available when Kaldalis has shield. Becomes unstoppable for 1 seconds.

*Cooldown 25s

*Unstoppable buff disappears instantly when shield amount becomes 0.

Suppressing blade

Each basic attack also reduces damage they deal by 5% for 2 seconds, stacking up to 40%.

Level 16 talent


Engage reduces the armor of enemy heroes hit by 15 for 2.5 seconds.

Basic attack during Psi-blade boost(E) also reduces the armor of enemy heroes hit by 2.5 for 2.5 seconds, stacking up to 10.

These two effects can overlap; eventually reducing armor up to 25.

*Each of them renews both effects' duration

Firm unity

Mana refund grantd by Force of unity(D) increases from 10 to 20

Increase the radius of Force of unity(D) by 25%

Reduces cooldown of every basic ability by 1 second permanently.

Shield overload

Activate to regenerate 150% of the maximum shield of Psionic shield(D) throughout 3 seconds. This shield expires in 5 seconds after cast.

Cooldown 60s

*This talent will use D key as Muradin's 16 level talent 'Stoneform' does.

Level 20 talent


Places a pylon where Kaldalis cast Akhundelar for 15 seconds. Every dead templar respawns beside the pylon.

*Respawn cooldown 2s

Unending drive

Passive: Reduce the cooldown of Gallantry(R) to 30seconds.

Reduce the Mana cost of Gallantry(R) to 60

Active: Activate while dead to immediately respawn at the Altar.

Cooldown 300 seconds

Winning tide

Increase the slow duration of Engage(Q) from 2 seconds to 3 seconds.

If hero under the effects of Engage(Q) is killed, the mana cost and cooldown of Engage(Q) are refunded.

Leg enhancements

Cannot ride mount anymore.

Increase movement speed by 15% permanently.

Active(replaces Z): Next basic attack charges to an enemy, Dealing extra 98(+4%) damage and slows by 80%. Slow rapidly decays over 1 second.

*Cooldown 8s

*Range 3

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