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[DEVELOPER REQUEST] Please adjust Butcher’s design so that he is not a laughingstock in Ranked :(

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - [DEVELOPER REQUEST] Please adjust Butcher's design so that he is not a laughingstock in Ranked :(

Here is a totally-not-biased request for The Butcher: can Blizzard please “lower his ceiling to raise his floor”?

Let’s put aside current bugs, such as his “target-loss” immediately after being hit by even minor physical displacement (e.g. if he’s right-clicking Li-Ming and she ults him with Wave of Force, Butcher will immediately acquire another random target instead of finishing the job on her, even if she was the last thing he right-clicked up to that point, and is still standing right in front of him! D’: )

As it stands, the hail-mary goalpost of 200 stacks Butcher needs just to get his teamfighting up to par is so distant, you are literally rolling the dice on your winrate when you play him, based entirely upon how good your teammates are at helping you secure kills. In other words, Butcher is less of a hero right now, and more of a pop-quiz on whether your teammates understand initiation and rotations, with the result being probably the most polarized assassin in the entire game

Ever since his base stack requirement was raised to 200, I feel like the devs “did the wrong thing for the right reasons”: they rightfully reined in his ability to snowball, but merely by doubling the amount of time he is a useless half-hero, instead of toning down how crazy he can get once insanely fed in the endgame (at the risk of sounding like a broken record here: they lowered his floor even further, instead of simply lowering his ceiling)


If the devs can’t “meet us halfway” in some way with the current numbers untouched (by allowing Merc camps to also drop Meat etc.), then please do something else to his kit-math instead, whether it be lowering the Quest-completion to 150 but then nerfing each post-Quest hero kill to 5 stacks, scaling bonus Hamstring damage with the amount of Meat he has, giving him some kind of CC-resistance the more stacks he gains, removing those initial frames of vulnerable “startup time” before he begins charging with his E, anything! X(

From what I understand, Kel’Thuzad mains enjoyed the same kind of “curve-smoothing” a while ago. Please don’t leave us Butcher mains in the dirt :’(

TL,DR: Please make it easier for Butcher to finish his polarized Quest, even if it means severely reining in his "damage ceiling" in the lategame. Please take a look at his kit Blizzard, as well as fixing the stupid bug which totally throws off his targeting immediately after even tiny displacements

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