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Diablo II Sorceress – Liana

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So I don't expect this in any way to ever actually become a REAL hero, mainly due to the amount of skills and talents that would have to be placed into ONE hero would just be off the chart and way to much work I would think, especially post initial launch to get her into a actual semi balanced state. That said, if it were possible, this would be an incredible hero setup to see enter the Nexus and one of the most unique heroes next to that of Death Wing, and Cho Gall and Varian.

Diablo II Sorceress "Liana"

(The Name is of her Voice Actor, and in my eyes fits great for HOTS name)

Ranged Multi Class

Liana will play a quite a bit different then most hero's of the nexus, to truely show off her skill tree's from Diablo II, her Level 1 Talent Actually Chooses her Role, but most of all, her actual abilities as well. Some Abilities are exagerated and redefined slightly to make a more Unique experience, but keep to the idea of the orginal spell.

Talent 1

Fire Mastery – Gives Liana pure fire Build, based around large zoning and area of effect damage and wave clear.

Q – Fire Bolt – Launches a Firebolt that explodes on impact, doing very minor splash damage. Has a Long range.

W – Meteor – Calls down a Meteor after a delay, on impact, creates a zone of burning ground that slows enemy attack speed.

E – Blaze – Liana's Movement speed is temporarly increased, and where ever she walks for X amount of time, is started on fire, doing AoE damage for x amount of time.

R1 – Enchant (2 Charges) – Enchants an ally's basic attacks with igniting flames, that do damage over time against their target for x time.

R2 – Hydra – Summon's a Hydra that blocks off movement in a circle, and rapid fires Firebolts at the nearest target for x time.

Trait : Warmth – Mana Regenerates at a Faster Rate.

Lightning Mastery – Gives Liana pure Lightning build, based around single target burst damage.

Q – Lightning – Launches a Bolt of electricity at an target in a straight line, the bolt can pass through and continue to hit enemies behind the first target.


W – Telekinesis – Picks up and tosses away from her with a flick of her wrist an enemy hero with in a radius away from her.

E – Static Field – Target an enemy close to you to slowly lose one quarter of its CURRENT HP, as it is shocked by static bolts running through their body. (Long Cooldown, High Mana Cost)

R1 – Thunder Storm – Conjures a timed lightning charge about the Sorceress that will occasionally shoot down a bolt of lightning on her enemies in a radius that follows her and temporarly slightly darken the screen.

R2 – Mana Shield – Give Liana or an Ally a magical shield that envelopes them, Absorbing all damage taken to the targets health and instead inflicting it upon the Sorceress's Mana. (When Out of Mana, the shield vanishes, or after X-Amount of Time)

Trait : Basic Attacks are multiple charged bolts.

Cold Mastery – Gives Liana pure Cold Build, based around Battlefield Manupulation, Support and Defense.

Q – Frost Nova – A frost nova explodes from the center of Liana, and spreads outward in a radius, performing light damage to all hit. If it hits a skill shot, (Nova Snipe, A fireball spell, Chromie's Sand Blast, etc) it impacts with it, blocking the skill shot and instantly stopping the Frost Nova. (The two abilities cancel each other out)

W – Shiver Armor – Allows Liana to cast Shiver Armor on herself or ally, to temporarly buff armor, and any melee damage takes damage and has their attack speed slowed.

E – Ice Blast – Casts a Bolt of ice at an enemy that when impacted, roots the enemy in place for x amount of time after doing damage.

R1 – Frozen Orb – Casts a large spinning orb of magical ice, launching out small Ice Bolts in all directions as it flys ahead.

R2 – Chilling Armor – Create a shield of ice on herself or an ally, that raises armor temproarly and when hit by ranged attackers, will cast a Ice Bolt automatically back at the attacker.

Trait : Liana's HP and Armor Rating are Greatly Increased, at a small cost of Max Mana.

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