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Disabling Chat should be the solution for people who want their safe space, not vice versa.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Disabling Chat should be the solution for people who want their safe space, not vice versa.

This might be an Unpopular Opinion but anyway.

Apparently in the past Blizzard has suggested that you turn off team chat to not get silenced. I dont even know what to think about that. I think it should be the other way around, if you need your safe space and cant handle criticism or having random people on the internet flaming you then I think you should disable team chat. I mean, people already only let friends whisper them when they can't handle it, personally I think it's ridiculous to do that but to each their own. I'm also not saying that my opinion is right obviously.

The reason I say this is because this is a game and as such there is a goal. And what is that goal? Winning. People who are "toxic" more often than not aren't toxic because they are bad people, they are "toxic" because they just want to win the game which is exactly what the goal of this game is. Blizzard is punishing the players who care more and more so that people who don't really care about actually playing the game can have their safe space.

I think it's incredibly stupid to even be able to disable team chat in ranked modes. It defeats the purpose of a competitive game mode. I don't know when this reporting stuff even started, back in the day people just played online games without there being and reporting system in the game and nobody cared. Someone flamed you during a game? Big fu*king deal. And yes of course i have reported people, lots of them. I get reported too. But I always unblock people right away because I just don't care. I don't wanna have anyone blocked, especially not in ranked where communication is important.

I've seen tons of those emails from Blizzard with "proof" of why people were silenced and some of them are just crazy. And no, i don't think its true that they just pick the first things they see because sometimes they give you just like 4 rather weak examples of toxicity. My friend got like 20 quotes, and worse than the ones who only get 4 examples so he might as well just have shown him 4 of those.

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Apparently swearing also isn't allowed which makes the profanity filter redundant. Why can we disable it if we get silenced for swearing? It's like if I'm at your house and you give me a can of beer and then kick me out of your house for drinking it. Giving me the beer doesn't technically mean that you allow me to drink it, right? According to Blizzard yes.

I'm also not advocating that everything should be allowed. Of course stuff like death threats and racism should be taken seriously and be reportable in one form or the other. But most of the stuff that happens in games and that people get silenced for is just natural human behaviour and if you think about it it's for the games good. People usually don't want to harm you when you made a mistake, even if they aren't being very polite. They just want to win the game. I had a game today where I made a mistake early on and our thrall was pretty pissed about it, I played well after that and although we lost the game, he then whispered me "so, dry for what I said earlier". I think that was actually pretty nice and that's what we should aim for. Overcome obstacles together and helping each other out,even if not always in a nice way. Let's be honest most people would never get that whisper at the end of the game and he would never be able to apologize because he would be blocked.

And no, I have never been silenced so far. I'm sure it will happen eventually because i am no saint and I see why other people are getting silenced.

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