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Discussion On Zul’jin New Level 20 Talent + My Buff Proposal

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - Discussion On Zul'jin New Level 20 Talent + My Buff Proposal

Just saying it now, Taz’dingo ult upgrade will still be better than the current talent. If the dev needs to buff the talent, I’ll give an idea here for them to use.

Current: A Surprise For Ya
Basic Attacks bounce to a nearby enemy for 50% damage, prioritizing enemy Heroes.

Note: Bounced basic attacks do not give stacks

Proposed: A Surprise For Ya
Cooldown: 70 seconds
Active: For 10 seconds, Basic Attacks bounce to a nearby enemy for 50% damage, prioritizing enemy Heroes, granting additional You Want Axe? stacks. Upon striking a target, the basic attack continues to bounce to another target. Entities can only be struck once by each basic attack.
Each enemy Hero hit by basic attacks lower the cooldown of A Surprise For Ya by 0.5 seconds.

Explanation for proposed: Ok, so the devs wanted aggressive Zul’jin users to take this. Except… his Amani Resilience talent at 20 is just so good that it can’t be given up unless there’s something really good to compete. Bouncing to ONE target isn’t worthy of a level 20, nor is it competitive against the ult level 20 upgrade.

Bouncing to as many targets in range of each other is a stronger but still balanced level 20 talent. Making it an active means Zul’jin players will need to be skilled in when to use it. Enemy teams also have the counterplay of baiting out the talent, leading to Zul’jin not having it for 60 seconds post-wear off. The bounces need to be potentially infinite due to its competition with Amani Resilience. Amani Resilience is necessary on Taz’dingo because Zul’jin needs a full restore after needing to use Taz’dingo in the first place. Amani Resilience already encourages aggressive play by doing a hail mary desperate machine gun play.


Finally, stacks being granted to Zul’jin’s bounced basic attacks means this will reward a different style of aggressive gameplay. In exchange for skipping Amani Resilience, you get more stacks quickly. For each basic attack, it could net 5 stacks, more if the enemy uses TLV or other stackable targets. When taking A Surprise For Ya, you are banking on not needing the full restore (if you damage a lot during the tazdingo) at the end. If you’re at 1 hp at the end of a non-upgraded level 20, you are basically dead to a small hit in a teamfight. Keep in mind the new aggressive A Surprise For Ya playstyle compared to Amani Resilience means Zul’jin players will keep relatively higher health, which means lesser stacks anyway due to a lower attack speed. Bouncing basic attacks granting stacks will keep the stack amount even to before, or even higher than Amani Resilience builds (which it should be if you go risky bouncing AA build). A Surprise For Ya builds would go for long game even longer than 20, while also being viable right at 20 due to its bouncing nature. Amani Resilience builds would be extremely powerful out of the 20 game as we see now, and for the whole game. It’ll just be situationally picked vs A Surprise For Ya. I’m willing to lower the damage of bounces from 50% to 40% since it can hit more targets. The cooldown reduction from hitting enemy Heroes may also need to be increased to 0.75 second per hero hit or 1 second per hero hit too.

TLDR: Amani Resilience too strong for current A Surprise For Ya. Proposed buffs listed.

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