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Do you like this game? If so then you should support it instead of panicking

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - Do you like this game? If so then you should support it instead of panicking

TL;DR: Don’t panic, support and enjoy the game instead.

In the light of recent posts on the front page, I feel that HotS community should take a step back a think for a moment about the game the reasons why we all love it and why not everything is doom and gloom now. Posts with stock data without much context and with some crazy conclusions backed by pretty much no hard evidence that top the front page aren’t going to help anything regarding this game and it’s future. Blizzard/HotS team hasn’t made any announcement and yet people are talking about “leaving” the game and stuff (and getting upvoted). Maybe there are things in the future we can’t do anything about but there is no reason to start being scared in advance.

History shows us how panic amongst people can multiply the effects of economic fluctuations and instability. One example for all might be bank runs during the Great Depression. People being so worried about the bank's abilities that they panic and try to withdraw all their money ultimately draining the banks resources and even making it go bankrupt. If the bank was in trouble at first, the panic made it way worse.


There is of course a big difference between HotS and banks. For the very vast majority of us (maybe aside from the pros), it is not our money or livelihood on the line. Yet the panic could start the same downward spiral causing even more trouble.

But don’t worry, I didn’t just come here to rant about others ranting. I came here with a solution. With a thing that all of us can do:

Support the game! Support it in any way you wish and please. Play it. Watch your favourite streamer. Or watch a streamer you’ve never heard about. Watch a video about the funny moments in the game or the latest changes. Read an article about the meta. And if you feel like it, buy yourself a skin or some other cosmetic. Or maybe even tell a friend about the game and give it a go together. Because enjoying the game is the best promotion.

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I always hear about how Blizz community is like a family and yet people are already turning back on the game because of announcements that haven’t been even made. Let’s not do that. Let’s show our support and appreciation for this game we all love. If ever, this is a good time to do so.

I hope to see you all in the Nexus.

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