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Don’t let anyone fool you, main tank is the most difficult role to play in solo-queue.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Don't let anyone fool you, main tank is the most difficult role to play in solo-queue.

There's this "common belief" that the most difficult characters to play are ones that require very good mechanics, have a difficult kit, can land and dodge a lot of skill shots, etc. In my opinion this is far from the truth, and I think main tanks, most of which are easy to play mechanics wise, require such high level of game-sense and decision making, therefore making them hard to play in solo-queue environments.

When you play main tank, you constantly have to ask yourself: "What is the right play fundamentally?", and it immediately follows up with "But what is the right play considering my teammates don't share the same fundamental view as me?".

There are plenty of examples, but I'm sure every main tank has been in a situation where he doesn't want his team to fight, whether it's due to talent disadvantage or simply perform macro pressure instead of brawling things out, yet Thrall goes out of his way to get lightning stacks, Kael'thas "so close to completing quest", Artanis too trigger-happy with swaps, etc. Those guys tend to get caught, and you're left wondering "Hell, do I get in there and try to save him? Can he make it out alive if I'm there? Can I live through it? What if my team thinks I want to turn this into a fight and commit with me? What if we don't try at all and the caught teammate gets tilted and blames us?"


All those questions rise during this few seconds period, and can decide the outcome of the match. The really complicated thing is that the answer to those questions depends on people you don't know at all, you don't know their skill, you don't know their game habits. You just have to guess and go with your gut-feeling. Not to mention that the answer can also be rank-dependent, i.e. a main tank in Gold might have different priorities than a main tank in Masters.

Not to mention there are other things a main tank needs to think about, such as ult-tracking, whether it's time to poke, engage or peel, keeping track of the minimap to know if the enemy team is missing a player due to soak/camps, or maybe predict whether that player is trying to flank your team… and more and more.

So, I really just want to shout-out all the main tanks out there that are still playing Storm League alone, and watch their teammates commit dumb stuff, and then either take the blame for not stepping in to "show you tried" or take the blame for "dying for no reason" or "committing to bad fights". It's hard. I feel you, and I respect it.

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