Heroes of the Storm

Doom Slayer Enters the Nexus

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Doom Slayer Enters the Nexus

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Doom Slayer

Role: Brusier

Low-Moderate Health Pool.

Auto attacks with chainsaw – Slow but hard hitting.

Trait: Glory Kills – Nearby Enemy minion and mercenary deaths restore 3% of the Slayers max health and give 5 armor for 2 seconds. Hero takedowns grant triple this amount and restore 1 ammo.

Ammo – Basic Abilities cost 1 ammo to cast. Default Ammo capacity is 3. Charge cool down 8 seconds.

Q – Super Shotgun: Fires a spread of tightly packed projectiles in a cone. Massive damage at close range vs large hitboxes. 2 Second CD.

W – Oppressive Fire: March towards the mouse cursor whilst firing the chaingun. 3 Second Channel. (Think Li Ming disintegrate but non piercing with movement towards cursor.) 5 Second CD.

E – Rocket Launcher: Fire a rocket at target location landing after a short delay. Medium damage in a small area. Self-casting this ability will damage the Slayer and launch him in the direction he is facing.1 Second CD.

R1 – Rip 'n Tear: The Slayer plunges his chainsaw into the ground propelling himself forward a moderate distance goring the first hero impacted. After impact the Slayer channels to stun and greatly damage the impaled hero. (Think a single target Imperious Q, with longer stun and lots of damage if it isn't interrupted or cleansed.) 90 Second CD.

R2 – BFG 9000: Channel for 1.5 Seconds and fire a large slow moving projectile. The projectile deals moderate damage to all targets in a large area around it as it travels. Upon impact with a hero or structure it deals massive damage in a small area and knocking back enemies. (Sort of like Hyperion but faster moving, and much more damage, but can be blocked/negated by tanking the main projectile.) 120 Second CD.


Some talents: Rip 'n Tear lvl 20: … Until it is done: Kills with Rip 'n Tear reset it's cool down and grant double Glory Kill bonuses.

BFG 9000 lvl 20: … and My Gun is Very, Very Large: Channel for an additional .5 Second to consume one ammo and increase the damage of BFG by 25% up to 100% bonus damage.

Packing 80 Pounds of Heavenly Joy: Oppressive Fire costs 2 ammo and fires 80% more projectiles over the duration, but movement is slowed by 40% for the duration.

Might Makes Light: Super Shotgun blinds enemies hit for 1 second.

Dance Bonedaddy! Dance!: Oppressive fire slows enemies hit by 20% for .25 Seconds.

Here Comes the Night Train!: After self-casting Rocket Launcher, the next basic attack within 2 seconds deals 100% bonus damage.

Backpack!: Increase ammo capacity by 2.

I'm All About that Plasma Rifle: Oppressive Fire's chaingun is replaced with a plasma rifle. Increasing projectile size and duration by 50%.

Ahh Chainsaw, the Great Communicator!: Basic Attacks heal for 50% of the damage dealt to heroes.

Get Off, Scum!: Super Shotgun deals 50% bonus damage to minions, mercs, and monsters.

Overall: Doom Slayer brings tons of damage to team fights and can be a safe solo laner as long as he has health and ammo to escape ganks with Rocket Launcher. Doom Slayer is weak to burst damage and hard CC. Oddly enough the silent protagonist is crippled by being silenced.

If the talent names don't make sense, I suggest you watch "doom comic – dramatization" on YouTube.

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