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Doomfist, hero concept

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Doomfist, hero concept

I had the idea to bring Doomfist in as an Bruiser kind of hero.

His Q would be his Rocket Punch
-Just like in Overwatch, the more you charge it the more range it will have and the further away will the enemy fly.
-The wall hitting mechanic could be just like Diablo's Q

Talents could be:
-Rocket Punch now hits multiple enemies if they stand close to each other (Level 13 or 16)
-Rocket Punch Deals now % Health Damage (Maybe level 4 or 7)
-Rocket Punch has more range or charges faster (both should be on the same level also around level 7)

His W would be his Uppercut
-Would Stun Enemies in range for arround 0.75 to 1.25 seconds (depends on how strong it would be)
-Very low range (Similar to Johanna Q)

Talents could be:
-Stunned targets have lowered armor (Level 13)
-You can charge Rocket Punch Mid-Air dealing bonus damage

His E would be Ground Pound
-Long cooldown
-Slowing enemies in an area (size of maybe a Johanna E) around 60% slow but it decays fast
-Similar to his Overwatch ability but without the movement aspect

Talents could be:
-Enemies in range have less damage for the duration
-Enemies in range will have increased cooldowns (maybe level 20 if it is not too strong)
-Enemies in range have less armor (on the same level as the uppercut armor reduction)

His Passive Would be his shields from Overwatch:
-Gaining shield for a percentage of damage dealt with abilities
-After 2 seconds slowly decaying


Talents could be:
-If you hit multiple enemies with one ability gain more shield
-While shielded gain either Physical or Magical Armor (either low armor on an early level or a stronger armor on a higher level)
-You can cleanse yourself/become unstopable for a second but you lose your shield (you must have a fix amount of shield to activate it)


Ultimates could be:
Boulder Smash
-Long interruptable channeling time
-After the channel you can choose a location where you would throw the boulder to it
-The boulder deals damage to enemies stunning them for 0.25 to 0.75 seconds depending on how close they are

Meteor Strike
-Doomfist leaps into the air and becomes untargetable
-He has around 1,5 secounds to choose a location in a radius to land to and deal damage in this area

Talent could be:
-Meteor Smash:

-Both ultimates fuse together. Doomfist now has a shorter channeltime and flies high with the boulder smashing it in
the target location now dealing increased damage and stunning for 0.5 up to 1 second.

Thank you for reading my concept, im sorry for my bad english (non native speaker).
If you have any suggestions just leave them in the comments.

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