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Dota turbo mode has a draft phase that takes less than 1 minute

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Dota turbo mode has a draft phase that takes less than 1 minute

1 minute total, for all picks and all bans of all 10 players.

I dno if the dev team is considering solutions to the tons of complaints about quickmatch matchmaking, dead unranked draft in minor regions and quickmatch team comps every week.

But if they are they might want to consider how Dota does it. Basically if you look at Dota turbo mode (which is their casual mode):

  1. Drafting for all players less than 1 minute so the idea that there can't be drafting in quickmatch because it would take too long doesn't make sense
  2. The fear that you'll get counterpicked is unfounded. In my experience, no one really bothers to counterpick (because it's a casual mode, like quickmatch), players are really casual
  3. The fear that you can't lock your favourite hero is unfounded. Players who want to lock in one hero they want to play, 9 out of 10 times they will be able to, unless it's a new hero (literally just click fast, the chance that someone else is competing with you on that one hero you want is quite low)

Would remove 99% of quickmatch matchmaking complaints based on team comps.

The heart of this post stems from the following:

  1. There's simply no playable draft mode, casual or otherwise, in all minor regions, without having to wait an hour in queue and 10 minutes in the pick/ban phase

Every single player who wants to play draft in all minor regions have either:

  1. Quit the game
  2. Or are playing quickmatch although they prefer draft

That's like a ton of people (less than half since qm is still more popular and tons of draft players have quit the game, but still a huge buttload of people like 30-40%?)

And if you consider how shitty an experience quickmatch is, it's probably one of the main reasons minor regions are suffering so much in the first place.


Although with the current dev team resources… well probably not happening I guess…

Edit: since lots of people are pointing out the main reason for QM is picking the hero you want. You guys imagine that with a draft mode other people will be snatching your hero every game.

Let me give you the reality in Dota turbo, based on real experience, rather than what is imagined in your head:

Game enters draft phase.

Half the time, first 10 seconds, no one even picks anything. You can pick whatever you want. Then about 5 players will pick slowly along the course of one minute. The other 5 players are still afk somewhere in the toilet or something. Then the timer times out and about 3 players still haven't picked their gold starts ticking down, and after 5 seconds they pick and game starts.

The other half the time, first 10 seconds, 1-2 players instantly lock who they want to play. The rest is the same, the other players take their own sweet time, some are afk etc etc.

None of that snatching your heroes and everyone instantly locks something kind of thing that any of you are imagining. You're literally competing with 1, MAYBE 2 person to pick, and the chances that that 1 or 2 guys happen to want the same hero is slim to none. You will be unable to pick your hero in maybe 1 out of 30 games, unless your hero is a very popular one.

So basically, unless you main abathur or li-ming, you will be able to lock the hero you want every single game, if it turns out to work similarly to dota turbo.

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