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Dr. Boom: The Hero HotS Needs? Pitch + Hero Concept

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Dr. Boom: The Hero HotS Needs? Pitch + Hero Concept

Why The Boom?

Once a minor WoW npc to reference Dr. Doom, he gained enough popularity as a Hearthstone minion to eventually gain his own expansion, The Boomsday Project, and be featured as one of the villains in the Year of the Dragon, still in the Standard format.

And it was back in 2015, before Boombsay, that he was mentioned as a possible hero at Blizzcon.

He might be the best Hearthstone character for HotS. The Inkeeper isn’t a fighter, and worse, has way too many possibilities for his kit. Other characters would be best as skins. Like Sir Finley for Murky, Elise for Tyrande, or… Togwaggle for Valeera (jk or do I?).

He'd like it in the Nexus judging by how he set up his labs in Outland.

John DiMaggio - Dr. Boom: The Hero HotS Needs? Pitch + Hero Concept

John DiMaggio voices him since the Boomsday expansion, who’s voiced famous cartoon characters like Bender and Jake the Dog. A hero trailer voiced by him would surely raise some eyebrows.

As would a Hearthstone and HotS cross-promotion. A man can dream!

My Concept Features

Dr. Boom as a ranged assassin, entering his Mech Suit for his trait ala Alexstrasza, with his level 10 talents upgrading it. A version with him always in his mech could work as a Tank or Bruiser, but this has the feeling of a master plan coming together.

Electric basic attacks. Cool, high-tech, and fitting for Boom’s inspiration, Dr. Doom.

Boom Bots are Dr. Boom’s primary weapon. The original HS Boom summoned 2 when played, hence the two charges recharging at the same time.

Big Red Button is the Hero Power of
Dr - Dr. Boom: The Hero HotS Needs? Pitch + Hero ConceptDr. Boom, Mad Genius
, aka the Warrior Hero and ultimate card of the Boomsday Project expansion. It changing every turn fits his wild personality and HS’s randomness. A good base for a HotS ability that switches to a different effect, in succession to avoid randomness.

Zap Cannon and Delivery Drone are two B.R.B. abilities, Death Ray a boss mode ability.

Rocket Boots reference the hazards of Goblin tech. Exploding if overused skips the random element. Improper use can prove dangerous, and makes this less of a safe escape ability.

Good ol' Dynamite references Boom’s Dynamite ability in WoW.

Level 4 upgrades reference Hearthstone minions from the Boomsday expansion, also present on the Battlegrounds mode. Microbots are summoned by other units or Dr. Boom’s Big Red Button. Kaboom Bot is more or less a stronger Boom Bot.
Annoy-o-Module references the beloved
Annoy o Tron - Dr. Boom: The Hero HotS Needs? Pitch + Hero Concept
Annoy-o-Tron and being a ‘module’ makes it a fitting upgrade.


  • Weapon: Ranged electric attack, 90 damage, 1.15 attack speed.
  • Weapon (Mech Suit): Same as above at range, also has melee attack.

Q: Boom Bot

  • Toss a Boom Bot which follows the nearest enemy for 3 seconds shortly after it lands, preferring Heroes. .5 seconds after it dies it explodes for 200 damage, slowing enemies by 20% for 2 seconds. Stores 2 charges that replenish at the same time. 8 sec cd. 20 mana (Follows .5 seconds after it lands, .5 sec pause before it can be used again, above average move speed, bit of health)

Q (Mech Suit): Boom Squad

  • Toss three Boom Bots that land every .5 seconds. 8 sec cd.

W: Big Red Button

  • Charge for 1 second to fire a beam in a line for 160 damage and swap to the next B.R.B. ability. Slows you by 20% while charging. (Gun light can change colors to show foes what’s next)
  • Lightning Beam: 25% bonus damage, reduces Armor by 10 for 2 seconds.
  • Shrink Ray: Reduces Hero damage and move speed by 40% for 2 seconds.
  • Frost Blast: Roots for 2 seconds. 8 sec cd. 60 mana

W (Mech Suit): Zap Cannon

  • Charge for 1 second to fire a beam in a line, dealing 200 damage. 8 sec cd (25% more damage and radius than B.R.B. abilities)

E: Rocket Boots (Can instead be called Rocket Boost and share the name with the Mech Suit version)

  • Remove roots, gain 10 armor and 25% move speed for up to 6 seconds. If used for at least 3 seconds, Rocket Boots explode when they stop, stunning Dr. Boom for .5 seconds and dealing 50 damage to him and nearby enemies. 14 sec cd. 80 mana

E (Mech Suit): Rocket Fuel

  • Remove roots, gain 25 Armor and 10% move speed, and deal 25 damage per second to nearby enemies for 3 seconds. 14 sec cd.

D: Mech Suit

  • Enter your Mech suit for 22 seconds, gaining a 250-point shield, a melee attack that slows by 20% for 2 seconds, and new abilities. Stuns and silences don’t interrupt your abilities. 120 sec cd. Starts on cooldown. (Still uses ranged attack, you can get stunned/silenced, but all abilities will proceed)

R1: Delivery Drone

  • Lock onto an area. After 1.5 seconds leap at it, dealing 125 damage and stunning enemies for .5 seconds. 8 sec cd Passive: Reduce the cooldown of Mech Suit to 80 seconds.

R2: Death Ray

  • Lock onto an area. After 1.5 seconds, blast it and enemies in between for 300 damage over 3 seconds. 8 sec cd Passive: Reduce the cooldown of Mech Suit to 80 seconds.


Tier 1 – Basic Attacks, Mana & Quests

  • Shocking Development: Basic Attacks restore 2 mana per Hero hit. Reward: After damaging enemy Heroes with Basic Attacks 80 times, gain 20% attack speed, and Basic Attacks bounce to 2 nearby enemies for 50% damage.
  • Laser Focus: Hitting a Hero with B.R.B. abilities refunds 20 mana and increases Basic Attack range by 1 for 4 seconds. Reward: After hitting enemy Heroes with B.R.B. abilities 50 times, gain 1 Basic Attack range.
  • Boom Labs Recruitment Program: Basic Attacks deal 100% bonus damage to non-Heroic units and cause friendly minions to focus Heroes hit. Enemy Minions killed near you restore 3 mana and grant a stack of B.L.R.P. Consume 25 stacks to instantly defeat an uncaptured non-Elite Mercenary. Maximum 100 stacks.

Tier 2 – Boom Bot Parts

  • Microbot Surprise: Boom Bots create a Microbot when they die, which attacks for 30 for 3 seconds.
  • Kaboom Bot Powder: Increase the explosion radius of Boom Bots by 20%. (also had minor knockback but it might be too much for either side)
  • Annoy-o-Module: Boom Bots gain a shield equal to 20% of their max health and their slow increases to 40%, fading to 20% over 2 seconds.

Tier 3 – Defensive Measures

  • Be Right Back: If off cooldown for 2 seconds, B.R.B. abilities gain 25% radius and damage, and knock Dr. Boom back a short distance.
  • Spy Games: B.R.B. abilities now grant 20% move speed while charging and reveal enemy Heroes for 2 seconds. Passive: Increase your vision radius by 25%.
  • Blast Shield: Dr. Boom is no longer damaged by Rocket Boots’ explosion, and is shielded for 25% of the damage Boom Bots deal to Heroes for 2 seconds.

Tier 5 – Rocket Boots & Fuel

  • Heavy Duty Boots: The Armor of Rocket Boots and Rocket Fuel is increased by 10 and persists for 1 second, or 3 seconds if Rocket Boots explode.
  • Good ol' Dynamite: While Rocket Boots or Rocket Fuel is active, drop dynamite every second at your location, which explodes 1 second later for 100 damage.
  • Free as a Robo-Chick: Rocket Boots and Rocket Fuel grant Unstoppable for 1 second. Being stunned or rooted activates Rocket Boots for free. Can't occur again for 20 seconds.

Tier 6 – Basic Abilities

  • Infinity Bomblets: Boom Bots continue moving after their first explosion at 80% movement speed for 1.5 seconds, then stand and explode again after .5 seconds for 50% damage.
  • Soaring Madman: Increase the speed bonus of Rocket Boots to 35%, reduce its mana cost by 20, and it recharges 50% faster while below 50% health. Its explosion deals 200% bonus damage to enemies.
  • Laser Fight: Activate to remove the cooldown and mana cost of B.R.B. abilities and set the next to Lightning Beam. Lasts for 5 seconds or until all B.R.B. abilities are used. 30 sec cd

Tier 7 – Mixed

  • Omega Assembly: Gain all level 4 talents. Whenever Boom Bots damage enemy Heroes, reduce Mech Suit’s cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Maniacal Glee: Gain 20% movement speed for 2 seconds whenever Boom Bots or B.R.B. abilities damage enemy Heroes. Passive: Dr. Boom and Boom Bots gain 10% movement speed.
  • Blastmaster / Maddest Bomber: Boom Bots recharge 100% faster and cost 10 mana less while Rocket Boots is active. Rocket Boots can last an additional 2 seconds.
  • Brainstorm: After .5 seconds, Channel an electric storm around you for 3 seconds. Enemies receive 50 damage per second and are slowed by 20%. Allied Heroes gain 20% move speed, 50 mana per second, and their basic abilities recharge 100% faster. 30 sec cd

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