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Dragon Age Vanguard frontline tank suggestion

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Dragon Age Vanguard frontline tank suggestion

I think the Vanguard Shield-tank build in DAI is fun. It can be both a frontline bruiser and a 1v1 duelist, can effectively triple their own healthbar for every full bar of energy they have to put into shielding for their team & can debuff damage the enemy deals to anyone else

Trait: Threat. Enemy heroes afflicted with Threat deal 20% less damage to everyone except this hero. Basic attacks apply threat and generate energy.

Q: Payback. Hits enemies in an arc, stuns enemies who have damaged this hero in the last second.

W: Shield Wall. Target enemy to begin channeling & facing the target, damage from enemy heroes in front of this hero while channeling is converted into shield up to the same amount as max health and drains as much energy as percent-health damage negated. Has no cooldown or duration.

E: Battlecry. Shouts, inflicting light damage on all enemies in a medium radius (has to get out of position slightly to hit enemy backliners), applying threat and gaining energy for all enemy heroes damaged.

R1: Turn The Blade. Channels for 0.5 seconds before releasing an explosion, cleansing all nearby allies of stuns roots or silences and doing damage to enemies in a medium radius. Damage it multiplied for every ally cleansed.

Level 20: Not Today. Stuns enemies hit for 0.25 seconds, is also multiplied by cleansing allies. For 8 seconds, every time a cleansed ally is stunned rooted or silenced reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1 second.

R2: Challenge. Target enemy hero now does 0 damage to everyone except this hero for 20 seconds, damaging this hero reduces its duration by 1 second.


Level 20: Shame. Every second the target doesn't damage this hero they take 3% of their health as damage, basic attacks against the target increase the duration by 1 second.

Some talents in no particular order: Payback stuns (for longer than the base stun) threatened enemies who haven't damaged this hero in the last second, Payback does increased damage against enemies it stuns, when Shield Wall ends the next basic attack does bonus spell damage for the percentage of shield this hero has, activating Shield Wall makes the next basic attack of all threatened enemies in front of this hero instant and taunts them for a very short amount of time giving an instant burst of guaranteed shield & a little bit of CC, every time a threatened enemy damages a friendly hero reduce the cd of Battlecry by 0.5 seconds, every enemy hit with Battlecry reduces the cooldown of Payback by 2 seconds, activating Shield Wall while over 49 energy grants unstoppable for 1 second, having more than half the max amount of shield grants +10% speed & having max shield grants +40% speed instead, having less than half the max shield increases energy gain by +50%, every takedown increases this hero's max health (& therefor max shield doubling its affect) by 0.5%, increased the damage reduction of Threaten by 30% (to 50%) but all extra damage reduced is dealt to this hero or their shield instead, basic attacks do 20% increased damage slow & generate twice as much energy, allied deaths completely refill this hero's energy.

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