Heroes of the Storm

Dream Team Composition

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Dream Team Composition

LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS AND OPPINIONS Been thinking about what would be the dream comp in hots and after some time this is what came up:

  1. Malthael
  2. Ana
  3. Medivh
  4. Abathur
  5. Johanna

Reasoning behind selections : The 5 picks are based on synergy with each other. Its not an all time use , depending on map and enemy comp you might have better picks, but its build to cover as much as possible . Its mostly intended for maps such as Cursed Hollow, Volskaya, Infernal Shrines, Battlefield of Eternity, maps that are around team fights – obviously not suited for 2 lanes maps due to aba – maiev could be a good replacement in those matches, which also enables medivh to go AoE protect at 13 instead of CDR and opt for a blow-up like comp.

Explanation for every pick in particular.

  1. Malthael
  2. the comp needs a strong solo laner
  3. due to aba's presence, a frontliner with a lot of sustain is required.
  4. camp enabler. no other comp member can do camps.
  5. very strong damage output ( especially if enabled by other team members )
  6. fills both the main assassin , off-tank and jungler role.

  7. Ana

  8. due to the fact that there will only be 2 characters in front, Ana is the best healer available.

  9. long range heal – can heal from a safe position

  10. grenade helps a lot with the fact that the whole team has only sustained damage.

  11. nano boosts malthael which makes for the strongest duo in the game right now.

  12. unlike most healers, can escape divers on her own with sleeping dart.

  13. Medivh

  14. enables gap closer safely with portal while in raven talent at 1.

  15. provides burst resistence which is exactly what the team is lacking.

  16. due to only having 2 people in frontline, explosive protects are almost guaranteed to deal huge amounts of damage.

  17. substitute for the second solo laner.

  18. second assassin in the team after quest is finished.

  19. can provide peel for ana with polibomb against divers that get past malthael and johanna.

  20. lv 20 mana talent enables malthael even more and solves mana issues for everyone.

  21. good map awarness.

  22. lack of poke demands a strong and fast engage and medivh solves this issue.

  23. Abathur

  24. solves poor laning potential for ana johanna on one side and medivh on the other side.

  25. great map awarness when comboed with medivh.

  26. due to the slow nature of the comp ( lv 10+ ) aba helps with soak early.

  27. aba's clone on malthael is insanely powerful. not only they share reaper marks between each other, which guarantees everyone is marked all the time, nano boosted abathur clone on malthael is even stronger than malthael himself due to the passive movement speed and spell power of the ult.

  28. lv 20 hivemind is guaranteed to generate value since the comp only features 2 characters that actually battle.

  29. mule prolongs the game to make sure you reach high level safely.

  30. Johanna

  31. pulls enemy together to make things easier for malthael's cleave and medivh's Q.

  32. sturdy tank that resists a lot with ana behind.

  33. has the only anti-AA tool in the party.

  34. strong peel for dangerous situations as well as a 5 man stun at lv 20.

  35. huge slows to give your assassins time to do their job.

  36. great zoning potential – the only character in the team which can do that.

  37. 2nd waveclearer in the party with the lvl 4 Shield Glare talent.

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