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Dva rework discussion

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - Dva rework discussion

Since Dva and tassadar reworks are being worked on right now, I think now would be a good time to give feedback on a possible Dva rework (rather than after the rework comes out and everything is more or less set).

Perhaps it'd be helpful to guide the discussion a little:

  1. Dva mains, which aspects of Dva do you find fun and want to keep? Which aspects of Dva would you not mind being changed?
  2. Blizz has stated they'd probably add micro missiles to Dva in her rework. If so, then she would probably see a nerf to other aspects of her kit. Which part of her kit do you think should be nerfed to make space for micro missiles?
  3. Should Dva pilot and mech mode both be viable and strong or should Dva pilot be weak to punish Dva players for losing their mech (so mech is the main mode)?
  4. Which talents of Dva do you like most and would want to see them remain after the rework? Which talents do you want to see changed?
  5. Any other suggestions for the rework? What do you want to see most?

I'll give my input based on my questions above:

Firstly, I like the fact that Dva has a very varied and different playstyle, playing very differently in pilot mode and mech mode.

If blizzard has to nerf a part of her kit to add micro missiles into it, I'd like to see them nerf defensive matrix because I like the rest of her kit a lot. Perhaps defensive matrix could reduce significantly less damage (e.g. 30%) but have talents that boost it back to 75% for those who like the current ability.

I feel that both Dva pilot mode and mech mode should be viable. In fact, I'd like to see more flexibility to swap between pilot and mech mode. This would significantly raise her skillcap, challenging players to see which mode would be most suitable for a given situation. Pilot should not be a glorified murky egg waiting for the mech to respawn. It should be a viable mode just as strong as mech mode, and entering pilot mode should be a choice, not a "oh-shit-I-screwed-up-therefore-I'm-now-weaker" mode.

There are many talents for Dva that I like. The 2 that I like most would have to be rushdown (2 second cd boosters) and pewpewpew (level 20 bigshot upgrade). However, although I like rushdown's mobility, I don't want to see it made baseline. I think Dva should retain the choice between choosing a very mobile rotating mech with rushdown, or a slow but badass mech. Making it baseline would mean other parts of her kit gets nerfed, I think it would be better to keep it as a choice so players can decide whether they want to play a very mobile Dva or a very slow but impactful one.


The following are the things I'd also like to see in the rework:

  1. More versatile in draft. This has many aspects to it. Firstly, it'd mean she can solo lane reasonably well. Secondly, it'd mean she has to be less vulnerable to CC which she currently is right now. Making defensive matrix less strong and moving the power elsewhere would automatically make her less vulnerable to CC though. Thirdly, she should be reasonably useful in both team fights and small skirmishes.
  2. Better solo kill potential. Dva is a bruiser. She has to threaten isolated squishy assassins to be a proper bruiser. Chen received significantly higher damage and kill potential with his rework and I hope Dva can receive the same. However to make it balanced, it could be gated behind long cooldowns. For example, Dva could get significant kill potential with self destruct (force enemies to move a certain direction then kill them) but when self destruct is down she doesn't have that kill potential. Otherwise she'd be too strong. One way to do it is to significantly increase pilot AA dps for a few seconds after she has casted self destruct.
  3. Flexible between modes. Dva should respawn as a mounted pilot with mech off cooldown. She can then callmech if she wants to, or remain as a pilot if she wants to. This means she can use the mount when she respawns, not crawl to objective at 85% movespeed. With more flexibility to enter pilot mode, Dva's mech can retain its 85% movespeed since she can mount in pilot form.
  4. Less reliance on taking damage to charge self destruct. This also ties into versatility in drafts. In some drafts, the healers don't have high healing output and this significantly affects dva's ability to charge self destruct. This gets even worse in quickmatch when there are no healers. As a bruiser who is required to solo lane and be independent (away from the healer quite often), it would be nice to have her be able to charge self destruct in other ways besides taking damage and relying on a healer to heal it up.
  5. More pilot talents. Dva has 2 modes, she could use 4 talents per tier so players can choose to make pilot or mech stronger (although both should still be useful). Pilot could also have some abilities baseline (might make her OP though)
  6. Nice quality of life change would be to add the damage mitigated by defensive matrix to the "damage tanked" or the "healing/shielding" stat.

I'll add more if I think of them.

Dva mains, please share your thoughts for the dev team so we can get a great rework!

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